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DJI Drone GNSS Post Processing now available in Leica infinity

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Many DJI drones in operation in NZ offer GNSS RTK capabilities and regularly connect to a local reference station or network RTK service such as SmartFix in real-time.  However, there are circumstances in which a connection to a reference station network cannot be established or relied upon. These circumstances could… Read More

SmartFix RTK Reference Station Network – Full Site List

SmartFix New Ports
SmartFix is NZ’s most extensive reference station network that is continually growing, we’re well on the way to achieving our mission of 100% NZ coverage. SmartFix RTK Reference Station Network delivers: cm level real-time kinematic corrections in NZGD2000 post-processing solutions sub-meter GIS corrections Providing a real-time kinematic (RTK) correction service… Read More

SmartFix New Ports: Important Update

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SmartFix New Ports
SmartFix New Ports Opened to Ensure Coordinate Alignment with LINZ SmartFix site coordinates are now calculated as part of the National adjustment. This ensures the SmartFix reference stations’ status as 3rd order marks. In order for your rover to stay aligned you need to transition to the new ports. The… Read More

Choosing the Closest SmartFix Mountpoint

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SmartFix New Ports
For survey customers it is vital to select a SmartFix Mountpoint that is closest to your working area. By selecting the closest Mountpoint you improve the likelihood of obtaining a good GNSS fix, reduce the need for doing a site localization and most importantly minimise the distance dependent error in… Read More

Checking the Status of a SmartFix Reference Station

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SmartFix New Ports
If you are experiencing problems connecting to Mountpoint in the field [or the office] it is good to be able to identify where the problem could be. The first step in identifying a problem is to confirm whether the SmartFix Reference Station you have connected to is actually available for… Read More

SmartFix joins LINZ Geodetic database

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LINZ Geodetic database
Great news for SmartFix users especially Cadastral surveyors. Over 90% of our SmartFix sites are now part of the LINZ Geodetic database. Almost all of our sites are 3rd order stations, with another 4 sites at 12th order. The 12th order sites will be upgraded to 3rd order in the… Read More

SmartFix RTK Network Coverage Extended

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SmartFix RTK
The SmartFix RTK Network has recently added two new sites to provide better coverage in the lower South Island. Great news for anyone working in the Otago or Central Otago areas. The new sites are located in Ranfurly [GSRA] and Alexandra town centre [GSLX]. SmartFix is available to users of… Read More

New SmartFix Reference Stations in the North Island

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It is exciting to be able to continue to grow the SmartFix reference station network. In the last few weeks two new stations have been made active in Kerikeri (GSKK) and Whangarei (GSWR). The GSWR has been established to help overcome some of the problems associated with the location where… Read More

Auckland Airport Joins SmartFix Network

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Smartfix Network
NEW GSAA – Auckland Airport Site. We’re pleased to announce an important new addition to the SmartFix network with a new station at Auckland Airport. The new GSAA – Auckland Airport station is now live and will improve accuracy and performance for the many surveyors working in the area. We… Read More

Leica Technology & Northern Corridor Improvements Project

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Northern Corridor Improvements
We’re proud to be supplying Leica Geosystems survey technology, software and services to the Northern Corridor Improvements [NCI] project shortly underway on Auckland’s North Shore. The NCI project is a four year programme to build a continuous motorway route from the North Shore to/from the Western Ring Route. It will… Read More