SmartFix New Ports

If you are experiencing problems connecting to Mountpoint in the field [or the office] it is good to be able to identify where the problem could be.

The first step in identifying a problem is to confirm whether the SmartFix Reference Station you have connected to is actually available for use.

To check this you can logon into the SmartFix server via your cell phone [or desktop].

Go to:


Log in using your rover username and password [Note: you can login to both this web page and a rover at the same time].

Once logged in you can choose from the menu Site Status, this will show you the status of the site (Green = available used in network, Blue = available as single site only, Red = unavailable).

If using an Android device, create a short cut to this page (add to home screen) so that you can access it quickly in the future.

If you have a SmartFix question email us at

If you need help with SmartFix Mountpoints call our support team on 0800 453 422

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