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Grow Your Business with the Leica Captivate TPS Monitoring App

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Leica Captivate TPS Monitoring App
It’s easier than you think to grow your Surveying business by offering Monitoring services.  Most Surveying businesses at some time will have monitored structures, or a landslide with annual or monthly visits and produced reports in Excel. It’s when those projects become a little more regular that a more efficient… Read More

Harnessing the Power of GNSS for Monitoring Hydro Energy Infrastructure

Hydro energy infrastructure plays a crucial role in the sustainable development of renewable energy sources. The structures that support Hydro Energy are subject to continuous environmental forces, especially in the New Zealand tectonic environment , that can cause deformation, displacement, and even failure. To ensure the long-term integrity and reliability… Read More

Custom Rapid Deployment Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring Solution
The Global Survey Geomatics team have recently been involved with setting up solutions for monitoring projects. Monitoring projects are often long-term by nature and planned over a period of weeks or months, and usually involve a significant investment in time, equipment, software and expertise. Often they remain in place over… Read More

SenSpot™ Wireless Structural Monitoring

Wireless monitoring
SenSpot™ from Resensys  is a cost-effective, easy-to-install, wireless device for long-term bridge and structural monitoring. SenSpot™ sensors provide a versatile platform for remote monitoring of structures on a wide range of structural quantities; examples include strain (stress), vibration, tilt, inclination, temperature, humidity, and acoustic emission events.  SenSpot™ are the world’s… Read More