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Hardware Warranty

Global Survey serial number tracks all products it sells to customers and warrants to the original end user (“Customer”) that Leica Geosystem products purchased from Global Survey will be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal permitted use.

Warranty periods vary for different products and typically range from anywhere between 1 and 5 years with batteries having a ninety (90) day warranty period. Global Survey warrants products for its customers from the date of delivery (proof of purchase is required) provided any and all operating and maintenance instructions are strictly adhered to.

Use of the products in extreme conditions and/or continuous applications/use may affect or void your warranty. Equipment damage, or abuse is not covered under warranty. At its sole discretion Global Survey’s obligations under this warranty shall be to replace or repair the product or part.

To ensure you get the very best from your investment in Leica equipment, Global Survey’s service departments are subject to regular audit by Leica. Our service technicians are factory trained on calibration and repair of virtually everything we sell and wherever possible we try to service everything we sell in NZ. Determination of a valid warranty claim, and determining the resulting course of action for repair / replacement can only be determined by Global Survey’s factory trained service technicians after inspection of the goods.

If you’re unsure about the term of your warranty, whether the warranty will be affected due to the environment or manner you plan to use it in, or you wish to inquire about extended warranty options check with your Global Survey sales representative or our service department.

Software Maintenance

The Leica research and development teams are continually taking market feedback and working on further improvements and enhancements to software to ensure you get the very best from your investment in Leica technology for the life of the product. Whilst Leica is focused on manufacturing products to the highest quality, PC software and onboard software is not warranted to be bug free or necessarily fit for your intended purpose.

For most of the higher value products, software maintenance contracts are available which allow you to upgrade to the very latest versions (major and minor) to ensure you can take advantage of the latest developments and enhancements. Phone and e-mail support is available for all of our products however highest priority is given to customers who have valid software maintenance contracts.

Your Global Survey sales representative will be able to advise you of the latest features and developments to allow you to get the best performance and longevity from your investment in Leica technology.

Obtaining Service and Warranty Service

For the benefit of its clients, Global Survey operates service departments in both Auckland and Christchurch with a team of seven service technicians. In order to service your Leica products our service technicians require factory training with our service department being subject to regular inspection and audit by Leica to ensure your Leica technology is serviced and calibrated to the same standards and procedures as at the Leica factory. We invest heavily in tooling, training, hire and backup equipment and spare parts in our service departments to minimise downtime for our customers and ensure you get the best performance and longevity out of your investment in Leica products.
For service, or warranty service, contact Global Survey’s service team in either Auckland or Christchurch to book your instrument in. If you have an issue within the warranty period Global Survey will endeavour to provide you with a free of charge loan instrument. Global Survey’s investment in our service department is for the sole benefit of its clients. We do not provide service or warranty service in NZ for parallel imported goods and therefore proof of original purchase may be required.

Warranty Exclusions

The Leica Geosystems warranty shall not be liable if the alleged defect or malfunction was caused by Customer’s or any other person’s misuse, neglect, improper installation, unauthorized attempts to open, repair or modify the Product, inadequate maintenance, disregard of operating instructions, excessive load or stress, normal wear and tear, or any other cause beyond the range of its intended use, by accident, fire, or other hazards. This warranty does not cover physical damage to the Product or malfunctions resulting from the use of the Product in conjunction with any sort of ancillary or peripheral equipment.

Limitations of Liability

Global Survey will not be held liable, and expressly excludes all liability, whether based in contract or tort (including negligence), for incidental, consequential, indirect, special, or punitive damages of any kind, or costs of procurement of substitute products by customer, or for the loss of revenue or profits, loss of business, loss of information or data, or other information of financial loss arising out of or in consequence with the sale, installation, maintenance, use, performance, failure, or interruption of this product.

Global Survey’s liability is limited to replacement, repair, or refund of the purchase price paid at its sole discretion.

Parallel Imports / Grey Marketed Goods

Global Survey are the sole authorised New Zealand agents for Leica Geosystems equipment.
For the sole benefit of our customers, we employ dedicated and skilled service and support teams to back up all the products and services we supply. We operate a Leica authorised service department which is regularly audited by Leica and factory accredited. Our factory trained technicians service, repair and calibrate Leica Geosystems equipment to the same standard as the factory in Switzerland to ensure you get the best performance and longevity from your investment.

We consider servicing and support to be one of the key benefits of being a Global Survey customer.

Global Survey will not service, repair or support any equipment that has been imported by non-authorised parties into New Zealand.

To be really clear:

  1. Global Survey will honour the Leica Geosystems warranty and provide local service and support for products purchased from us within New Zealand.
  2. Global Survey will not [now or ever] provide any warranty or guarantee for parallel /grey imports. This includes items purchased on eBay or from other international websites and items purchased overseas and brought back to New Zealand. For service and support for parallel imported products we recommend sending them back to where they came from.
  3. Products sourced from some other countries, including batteries and chargers, may not meet NZ electrical standards. Adaptor plugs supplied by parallel /grey importers are unsafe and illegal and not electrically approved for use in NZ.
  4. In many instances products manufactured for the ANZ region have special modifications for our market. If you purchase a parallel imported product you risk purchasing a product that may not easily work under local conditions and, in the case of robotic and GNSS radio modems, may not have type approval for operation in New Zealand. Global Survey invests heavily in service and support personnel, training, spare parts, backup equipment and service tooling. We serial number track everything we sell and will not service or support any grey marketed or parallel imported products.