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Leica PA10 Personal Aid


Leica PA10 Personal Aid is an innovative solution from Leica Geosystems that combines a tag worn by personnel moving around on foot, one that communicates with machines on a heavy construction site.

Leica PA10 Personal Aid creates awareness for operators and pedestrians about their surroundings.

Alert Signals
Signal propagation time is measured between anchors installed inside machines/ vehicles and battery-powered tags worn by pedestrians. The Leica PA tag provides audio, visual and haptic feedback to the pedestrian, and the anchor provides visual and audible feedback to the machine operator or driver.

Long Range
Leica PA10 Personal Aid is based on the latest Ultra Wideband (UWB) time-on flight technology that provides ranges up to 40 m with +/-20 cm accuracy without separate RF link. It provides situational awareness and reliable alerts even under roof and closed spaces where GNSS coverage is limited or unavailable e.g. workshop, quarries.

The Leica PA10 Personal Aid can be used for all machines and vehicles on a heavy construction site. The system provides three configurable alert distances around the machine or vehicle. Leica PA10 is scalable from a single anchor up to 7 anchors on the vehicle.