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Proximity Warning System – SensorZone

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SensorZone, keeping you safe on the site.

  • Advanced RFID Technology for Proximity Warning
  • Avoid “personnel to machine” and “machine to machine” collisions
  • Adaptable to different applications

Modern work sites are busy places with multiple machines and personnel often squeezed into compact sites. Many accidents occur when personnel stray too close to a machine and especially into the blind spots that many machines have. When people and machines collide people always come off worse. SensorZone is a proximity warning system that alerts the operator when personnel are in dangerous proximity to the machine.

SensorZone is an active solution to this problem unlike passive systems such as cameras and mirrors that rely on operator attention at all times. Active RFID systems do not rely on line-of-sight and will detect personnel in spite of obstructions.


• Ranges between 3m and 10m can be set

• Individual RFID Tag ID’s

• Single or Dual Antenna Array

• Software Control of range

• Multi-Orientation Tag Detection

• Data Logging

• Optional Telemetry for Remote Monitoring

• Long-Life Batteries in Tags

• The SensorZone antenna uses radio frequency identification to produce a detection zone around a vehicle
• All personnel are issued with RFID tags
• When the RFID tag wearer enters the detection zone the vehicle operator is alerted that there is an intrusion into the danger zone and reacts appropriately.
•The tag vibrates to alert the wearer that a vehicle is approaching
•Individual RFID Tag ID’s for machines and personnel allow data-logging, helping to understand the behavioral profile of workers on site
•Optional GKD Telemetry allows for remote monitoring