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Leica iCON MC1 3D Avoidance Zone Solution

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Leica iCON MC1 3D Avoidance Zone Solution is an integration of Leica iCON MC1 machine control and the Xwatch safety system to deliver a complete 3D avoidance system that greatly improve safety onsite.

The user can set up 3D avoidance zones to protect assets either alongside, above or below the construction site whilst work is underway.

3D Avoidance Zone features

  • The user can either import or create 3D avoidance zones in Leica iCON MC1.​
  • Avoidance zones can be defined around assets that need to be protected e.g. nearby buildings, road and rail corridors, overhead hazards and underground services.
  • Ability to create a virtual wall that is offset from the structure e.g. 2m from a rail corridor boundary.
  • User can set a distance to trigger an alert that notifies the Operator e.g. 1m from a virtual wall.
  • Operators can use the excavator bucket to log-in points and set their own avoidance zones.
  • Operators can select and set the avoidance zones directly from their 3D project file.
  • Underground avoidance zones can be defined based on underground detection model files.

When approaching an avoidance zone, the system will take control of the machine’s height and slew movements to ensure you are not entering a no-go area. The hydraulic control is proportional, meaning there is a speed ramp down toward an avoidance zone before coming to a complete stop. The Leica MC1 software will trigger a visual warning that needs to be acknowledged before continuing operation.

Leica iCON MC1 machine control system

The All In One Solution, Leica iCON MC1 provides an intelligent and intuitive hardware and software combination of the MCP80 Panel and MC1 Software into one common platform, which can be used across all machine types.

The system guides the operator using reference models and GNSS in 3D. Design are displayed in 3D and real time cut/fill indications are displayed your MCP80 Control panel. This allows you to rapidly excavate to your design increasing efficiency for operators.

Xwatch safety system

The Xwatch XW5 safety system provides a safe working envelope around the machine and operator enabling the control of the machine’s height, slew and rated capacity indication. It has been designed to accurately restrict using feather touch proportional hydraulic control of a machine’s height and left/right slew parameters ensuring operator, immediate vicinity and machine safety.

This comprehensive system covers every eventuality when considering both operator and machine safety, offering complete piece of mind.