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Kurloo Monitoring: Testing in New Zealand environments

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Kurloo Monitoring
The Kurloo monitoring solution for displacement and slope monitoring is a two-part system. The first part is the Kurloo device, which is mounted on the site you want to monitor. This device gathers precise data remotely using its on-board GNSS components and environmental sensors. Even small movements can be detected… Read More

ARCH NZ Conference Panel Discussion: Is New Zealand ready for the digital age?

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Is New Zealand ready for the digital age? This was the theme of the panel discussion that closed out the 2024 ARCH NZ conference. Autonomy & Reality Capture Hub NZ (ARCH NZ) is a user group for professionals working in the AEC industry in New Zealand. The inaugural annual user… Read More

Fulton Hogan deliver paving efficiency at Wellington Airport

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Wellington Airport’s apron taxiway was set to undergo major reconstruction for the first time since the airport opened in 1959. The apron taxiway consists of the paved area between the runway and the airport terminal. This area had reached the end of its design life and needed to be resurfaced… Read More

Laser scanning’s growing use in visual effects and gaming

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Did you know that AEC professionals use the same tools for as-builting as visual effects artists use for movies and games? Reality capture excels not only in documenting real-world environments, but also in crafting immersive settings for games and movies. In the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, precision and… Read More

Go digital with Leica iCON manual Total Stations

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iCON manual total stations
Leica Geosystems’ next generation of iCON manual total stations facilitates the move from traditional analogue measurement methods to modern digital techniques. Today’s building construction industry demands high productivity and accuracy, the new Leica iCON iCB50 & iCB70 Manual Total Stations provide higher productivity, an integrated software tailored to construction and… Read More

Kurloo spreads its wings into New Zealand!

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We’re pleased to announce that Global Survey have been named as the exclusive distribution partner for Kurloo monitoring solutions in New Zealand. “Kurloo is a brilliantly simple monitoring technology that leverages the power of GNSS to make autonomous and remote monitoring more widely accessible. Our team are excited about being… Read More

Unlocking GNSS efficiency in challenging environments with Leica multi-frequency solutions

Selecting the right technology for a project is often dictated by accuracy requirements, with GNSS and Total Station being common choices. However, certain projects require the convenience and speed of GNSS, despite challenges like high multipath or dense overhead canopy. Traversing through thick bush with limited line of sight can… Read More

Leica Captivate surveying equipment – How to handle the 3G shutdown

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In New Zealand, all the major telco providers have indicated that they will be shutting down the 3G cellular network to free up low-band spectrum to extend 5G service in rural areas. One NZ (formally Vodafone) will be ending the service in late 2024, with Spark and 2 Degrees following… Read More

Taking steps to expand your traditional surveying services into monitoring

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Monitoring is often thought of as a discipline requiring the expertise of a specialist who possesses the unique knowledge needed to carry out monitoring tasks. In reality, monitoring is repeatedly and consistently surveying the same object and comparing the results over a period of time. On large and complex installations… Read More

Discover the new and improved Leica BLK360!

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The new Leica BLK360 has the same bones as the original BLK360, but a completely different constitution! In this article we discuss the key differences between the first generation original model and the new and improved Leica BLK360. The newly released Leica BLK360 represents a full circle in the Leica… Read More