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What’s The Difference Between Leica RTC360 and RTC360 LT?

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Leica RTC360 LT
The Leica RTC360 is a first-class laser scanning powerhouse that was announced in 2018 to outstanding reception. It helped to maximise productivity and efficiency for construction professionals, delivering time-saving and highly accurate 3D capture results. Since its launch, the Leica RTC360 has led the market as the world’s fastest laser… Read More

GNSS Smart Antenna Comparison Chart

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GNSS Smart Antenna Comparison Chart
Are you unsure about which Leica GNSS antenna is right for the job? The handy comparison chart shows the main difference in specification between the Leica GS07, GS14, GS16 and GS18 T GNSS Antennas. ANTENNA LEICA GS07 LEICA GS14 LEICA GS16 LEICA GS18 T SIGNAL TRACKING Multi-frequency Dual-frequency Multi-frequency Multi-frequency… Read More

New Leica FlexLine [Comparison Chart]

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Flexline comparison chart
Building on the FlexLine series legacy of quality, durability and low total cost of ownership, the new Leica FlexLine Series; TS03, TS07 and TS10 manual total stations are designed to improve productivity in the field by automatically capturing height. Here’s a quick snapshot comparison of the Leica FlexLine Series models:… Read More

Leica Lino Comparison Chart

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Leica Lino Range
The new range of Leica Lino cross and point line lasers have arrived! Use our handy comparison chart below to compare models and chose the right Lino to suit your needs. Leica Lino Comparison Chart: L2P5G L2G L2P5 L2 P5 Lase Color Green Green Red Red Red Range up to… Read More

Introducing New Leica DISTO X3 and X4

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Leica DISTO™ X3 and X4
Leica Geosystems recently announced two new laser distance metres for measure up and construction, DISTO X4 and X3. The DISTO X4 is specifically designed to make high-precision outdoor measurements an easy task. The DISTO X4 is equipped with a Pointfinder camera, allowing users to easily target distant objects in bright… Read More

ScanStation Comparison Chart – BLK360/RTC360/P-Series

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With Leica’s ever-increasing portfolio of scanning solutions, it’s hard not to be excited by the evolution of this industry. Our latest release, the RTC360, offers lightning fast pointcloud and HDR image capture with cutting edge in-field smart registration. When combined with the speed, scale and simplicity of Cyclone Register360, you’ll… Read More

Leica ScanStation Comparison Chart

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Leica ScanStation
The recently released Leica ScanStation P50 offers the highest flexibility for all kinds of scanning projects thanks to its extended range. A longer range ScanStation means less number of setups and reduced field time delivering a quicker return on investment. See our handy Leica ScanStation Comparison Chart to compare the… Read More