With Leica’s ever-increasing portfolio of scanning solutions, it’s hard not to be excited by the evolution of this industry. Our latest release, the RTC360, offers lightning fast pointcloud and HDR image capture with cutting edge in-field smart registration. When combined with the speed, scale and simplicity of Cyclone Register360, you’ll find that delivering precise data is easier and quicker than ever before.

Have a look at our handy Leica ScanStation Comparison Chart to understand how the new RTC360 fills the gap between BLK360 & the P40/P50.

BLK360 RTC360 P40/P50
Type Imaging Scanner 3D Laser Scanner Survey-grade Scanner
Class of device Documentation «image first» Reality Capture     «scan first» «High Definition Surveying»
Target users AEC professionals 3D data experts Surveyors
Skill level Low Medium High
Main use Indoor Indoor/outdoor Outdoor
Typical project sizes Small Medium/Large Large
Main Characteristic Simplicity & Portability Performance & Productivity Versatility & Precision
Imaging Speed < 1min < 1min > 6min
ScanSpeed 360’000 pts/sec 2’000’000 pts/sec 1’000’000 pts sec
Level of Detail     Low Medium High
Max Resolution (6mm @ 10m) (3mm @ 10m) (0.8mm @ 10m)
Env. Robustness IP54 / open mirror IP54 / closed mirror IP54 / closed mirror
Temp Range +5 to +40 -5 to +40 -20 to +50
Range (typical/max)  Short (20/60m) Medium (40/130m) Long (70-270/1000m)
3D data quality Good Better Best
Field Registration SW based VIS based Surveying Procedures
Laser class  1 1 1
Tilt Sensors IMU based IMU based Dual Axis compensator


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