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Lava Caving Mapping with Leica BLK360

Our reality capture team recently assisted on a lava cave mapping project. The objective was to determine the depth of ground between the underside of the property and the roof of the cave.

Leica Upgradable Lasers

The world’s first and only upgradable lasers. The new Leica Rugby Lasers are revolutionising the industry by offering unprecedented flexibility and the ability to adjust to your project’s needs. 

Discover GNSS with Tilt Compensation!

Leica ICON GPS 70 T – The world’s first GNSS technology with permanent tilt compensation. You no longer need to hold the pole vertical or level the bubble, which saves considerable time and increases safety onsite.

Are you ready for GPS week rollover?

On the 6 April 2019, the transmitted GPS week number in the navigation message will rollover from 1023 to 0.You should ensure your GNSS is running the latest firmware version before this time.

Putting safety first is a key focus for Multimedia Communications in Christchurch. Before excavating or penetrating the ground, they need to find and trace the exact location of underground utilities

SmartFix Free Trial

SmartFix is New Zealand’s most extensive GNSS Reference Station Network with 90 sites across the country and is available to users of all brands of GNSS equipment. Sign up for a SmartFix 30 day FREE trial now!

Complete technology solutions for survey & construction applications



Rely on Leica technology when you need to overcome challenges and  know measurements are correct.


Machine Control

Leica Machine Control systems lead the industry with solutions designed to improve project productivity and efficiency.


Construction & Detection

Rugged lasers, levels and locators deliver on Leica’s reputation for accuracy, reliability and ease of use.