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Tenstar Simulation


One Simulator, many machines & Vehicles

Tenstar provides simulation-based training programmes for companies working in agriculture, construction, transportation, traffic and forestry. Our simulators enable you to operate a wide range of machines and vehicles, all with extensive training exercises to prepare you for reality.

Paired with professional hardware and realistic graphics, the user is provided an effective and safe training tool, conducting tasks in life-like virtual environments.

Tenstar Simulation offers the unique ability to combine several machine types within the same platform providing the benefit of flexible and cost-effective learning.

The Tenstar Virtual Training Space, allows multiple users to enter the same space, making interactive, cooperative advanced training possible.

Key benefits of Tenstar simulation:


Realism in simulator-based education is paramount for an immersive and effective learning experience. Simulators, replicating real-world scenarios, provide hands-on training without actual risks, enhancing retention and fostering adaptability in learners.

Learning tools

Record and replay sessions for comprehensive review, manage student progress seamlessly, and enhance accessibility by converting all text into speech. Elevate learning with innovative technology.


From construction to agriculture, the hardware options, including motion bases, steering wheels, and accessories, offer an immersive training experience.

Hardware components

Shape your simulator experience with top-tier accessories. From responsive steering wheels to precise joysticks and pedals, our high-quality options guarantee a personalised and immersive adventure to match your preferences.

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Tenstar Virtual Training Space, VTS, is the natural evolution of simulation training. It allows multiple users to enter the same space, making interactive, cooperative advanced training possible. Teamwork is essential to any work environment, especially when operating heavy machinery. With the Tenstar simulator, users can safely, regardless of weather, practice simultaneous use of multiple machines in collaborative exercises.

This provides non machine operators the unique opportunity to interact with site operations in a safe and controlled environment, the training possibilities are endless!


Tenstar simulation’s construction area offers a wide range of professional machine training simulators. Each machine type has a set of carefully developed exercises that are optimised to train students in maintenance, driving, operation, safety and special handling.

An example of this can be seen in the road construction exercise where a track excavator works with two articulated dump trucks, delivering material to a dozer carrying out final trimming on the highway.

Up to 4 users can interact as VR-Avatar, for example as:
– An instructor giving instructions.
– A surveyor/grade controller setting out for machines.

– A machine banksman/traffic marshal/siteforeman


From cars to buses, trucks to forklifts, our virtual reality-supported simulations ensure immersive and effective training experiences. Explore available exercises to enhance your skills in traffic management, emergency response, and material handling.

Tenstar Emergency Vehicle Training


Tenstar Simulation offers a wide range of professional machine education simulators. Each machine type has a set of carefully developed exercises, optimised to train the students in areas of maintenance, driving, maneuvering, safety and special handling.