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Laser scanning’s growing use in visual effects and gaming

Did you know that AEC professionals use the same tools for as-builting as visual effects artists use for movies and games? Reality capture excels not only in documenting real-world environments, but also in crafting immersive settings for games and movies. In the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, precision and… Read More

Discover the new and improved Leica BLK360!

The new Leica BLK360 has the same bones as the original BLK360, but a completely different constitution! In this article we discuss the key differences between the first generation original model and the new and improved Leica BLK360. The newly released Leica BLK360 represents a full circle in the Leica… Read More

Optimise your in-field registration workflow with Leica Cyclone FIELD 360

The acquisition of high-quality 3D scan data is the foundation of laser scanning. Utilising robust laser scanning software, such as Leica Cyclone FIELD 360, empowers users to capture accurate data, facilitating the immediate creation of deliverables. One specific functionality that plays a pivotal role in this process is in-field registration.… Read More

Laser scanner comparison: Leica RTC360 vs Leica BLK360

Laser scanner
As construction projects become larger and more complex, it is crucial to have the right tools to ensure efficient and accurate work. Two laser scanners, the Leica RTC360 and the next-generation Leica BLK360, are popular choices among building construction professionals. At first glance, the obvious differences between the two scanners… Read More

Babbage: Leica RTC360 delivering maximum scanning efficiency on the O Mahurangi – Penlink project

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We join the Babbage survey team onsite to discover how they’re using Leica laser scanning technology to complete over 200 condition surveys of buildings located alongside the new O Mahurangi – Penlink transport link in Auckland.  On this project, it was important for the Babbage team to ensure that… Read More

Harrison Grierson: Bringing projects to life with the Leica BLK2GO

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Harrison Grierson
On a crisp Wellington morning, we joined the Harrison Grierson survey team onsite at the Bowen Campus buildings adjacent to Parliament Grounds in Wellington. This large construction project spans a 1 hectare site comprising of four commercial office towers that will house approximately three and a half thousand workers when… Read More

Introducing the CHC AlphaAir 450 LiDAR: Smaller, lighter sensor for Drone Surveying

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3D terrain mapping with drones has become common practice over the last decade. Relatively low-cost drones combined with autonomous mission planning apps and user-friendly photogrammetry software (such as ContextCapture and Leica Infinity amongst others) have provided highly efficient workflows for building accurate and complete 3D models of terrain more quickly… Read More

McLeod Cranes: Cleaning up the Waikato Te Awa river with the Leica RTC360

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McLeod Cranes Cleaning up the Waikato river with the Leica RTC360
Did you know there are approximately 200 cars on the bottom of the Waikato Te Awa River? The Leica RTC360, a 230 tonne crane and bathymetric sonar have all been key elements in the cleanup efforts of this debris. It’s a picture perfect autumn day in the Waikato as we… Read More

Reality Capture is not a new concept

When people say ‘Reality Capture’ they often mean devices that produce point clouds. But, at a fundamental level, Reality Capture is capturing the real world and creating a 3D digital representation of it. Isn’t this what Surveyors have been doing since day one? Newer reality capture methods, like terrestrial laser… Read More

Investing in the Next Generation of University of Otago Survey School Graduates

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University of Otago Survey School
The Global Survey team recently ran two workshops for the final year students at University of Otago Survey School. From a practical perspective the plan was to demonstrate how the latest technologies are able to make graduates more productive and efficient for when they enter the work force at the… Read More