The new Leica BLK360 has the same bones as the original BLK360, but a completely different constitution!

In this article we discuss the key differences between the first generation original model and the new and improved Leica BLK360.

The newly released Leica BLK360 represents a full circle in the Leica BLK range that began back in 2016 with the release of the original BLK360 (G1). At the time, this was a disruptive and groundbreaking new product from Leica – a mm accuracy device in a compact, easy-to-transport package.

Since 2016 the Leica BLK range has continued to expand with the handheld BLK2GO (2019), followed by the airborne BLK2FLY and robotic BLKARC (2021). The way we capture reality is forever evolving, making it easier to gain dimensionally accurate information of a wider range of sites and environments.

Key difference between the new BLK360 and the G1 original model:

Taking a complete spherical image and 3D point cloud with the BLK360 G1 takes a little over a minute, while the new BLK360 takes just 20 seconds.
Both devices are small and light, with the BLK360 G1 measuring 165 x 100mm and the new BLK360 155 x 80mm.
Both weigh around a kilogram with the battery installed, with the G1 topping out at 1.1 kg and the new BLK360 weighing 850g.
The new USB-C port gives users high-speed data transfer via wired connection, nine times faster than the BLK360 G1.
BLK360’s upgraded laser can capture 680,000 points per second, compared to 360,000 points per second for the G1.
A new feature exclusive to the new BLK360 is the Visual Inertial System (VIS), which accurately tracks the position in real-time and enables automated point cloud registration
The new BLK360 has a 4mm accuracy at 10m, while the G1 has a 6mm accuracy at 10m.

HDR imagery is richer on the new BLK360 with 5-bracket HDR imaging vs. BLK360G1’s 3-bracket HDR.

The original BLK360 has a slightly larger maximum scan distance of 60m than the new BLK360, which has a maximum range of 45m.
Optimized for speed, the new BLK360 does not have this sensor, so if gathering thermal data is essential, the BLK360 G1 might be a better fit.

Major improvements in speed, resolution and efficiency!

The new Leica BLK360 is immensely faster and has a simplified and even more compact design. The speed gains of the BLK360 are two fold; it is faster in terms of both capture speed and subsequent registration process with an upgraded laser capturing 680,000 points per a second, compared to 360,000 points per a second with the original model.

This means the new Leica BLK360 can produce a point cloud with 5-bracket HDR imagery in less than 20 seconds!

To get 6mm resolution point cloud and HDR it only takes 1 min 35 seconds; the same scan on the Leica BLK360 G1 takes 6 min 10 seconds. See the table below for a summary of all the Leica BLK360 scan densities and durations.

Density Mode Resolution

[mm @ 10m]

Scan Duration


Scan + LDR Images


Scan + HDR Images


Fast+ 50 00:07 00:15 00:27
Fast 25 00:13 00:21 00:33
Dense 12 00:30 00:38 00:50
Dense+ 6 01.15 01.23 01.35

Beyond these changes the improvement of the HDR imagery from 3-bracket to 5-bracket has enabled stunning colorisation of the Leica BLK360 point clouds as shown in this recent example dataset:

Visual Inertial Technology (VIS) for faster infield registration

The Leica BLK360 is also a faster solution because of speed gains in the field registration process. Visual Inertial Technology (VIS) has been added to the new BLK360.

VIS speeds up the subsequent registration process by automating the alignment of terrestrial laser scans (TLS) in the field. For TLS projects, registration – the process of stitching scans together, is required in the office to finalise the alignment of scans into one overall point cloud.

Leica VIS technology works by combining Visual SLAM technology and IMU data to track scanner movement live throughout a scene. This innovation which first featured in the RTC360 has now been added to the new BLK360 making it possible to completely finish the Leica BLK360 scans in the field and directly export the data from the iPad or tablet device.

The multi-award winning Leica BLK360 has now been improved in a multitude of ways to deliver a highly transportable and super efficient laser scanner for reality capture specialists and Surveyors!

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