Rework is a costly drain on construction projects and can be a significant problem stemming from outdated verification methods. Traditional processes often create a significant gap between identifying a potential issue and taking corrective action. Data from the job site often needs to be sent back to the office for analysis, leading to delays that can result in a small error turning into a time consuming and unnecessarily expensive exercise.

Leica iCON Build is a straightforward software designed to digitise your construction layout process, save time and improve productivity.

More advanced features like the Leica iCON in-field verification app take away the delay in dealing with errors by enabling you to perform crucial checks onsite in real-time. This ensures that you are able to check construction accuracy as you go and correct errors. This real-time feedback saves precious time and money by catching errors early in the process. Simple automated workflows enable data capture for all surface types such as pre and post-pour of concrete slabs, structures, and MEP installations.

Quick real-time calculation of the captured data against design is displayed immediately within the Leica iCON build software, highlighting areas outside of tolerance for immediate correction in the field, using the calculated contour lines and points. This real time verification results let you check your work immediately and make informed decisions to complete any corrective measures if needed.

The app’s flexibility is a crucial part of its value. Whether checking against elevations, best-fit planes or IFC objects, you can tailor the reference to match the specific needs of the design.

This adaptable approach ensures your construction aligns perfectly with the project specifications. To support this process, the app uses an intuitive “Capture, Verify, Layout” workflow that allows you to easily collect onsite data, compare it instantly against the design and highlight any out-of-tolerance areas for immediate correction.


By embracing in-field verification, you reap two major benefits:

  • Time Savings: Eliminate project delays by getting verification results where and when you need them.
  • Cost Reduction: Avoid the costs of rework by identifying problems at their earliest stage. This saves on materials, labor, and the potential ripple effects of errors left unchecked.

It’s important to note that the power of in-field verification extends beyond the construction process and onsite error checking. All data and reports are easily exported for analysis back in the office which supports project documentation, sign-off procedures and a seamless digital workflow.

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