We’re pleased to announce that Global Survey have been named as the exclusive distribution partner for Kurloo monitoring solutions in New Zealand.

“Kurloo is a brilliantly simple monitoring technology that leverages the power of GNSS to make autonomous and remote monitoring more widely accessible. Our team are excited about being able to offer Kurloo to our customers to enable data driven decision making on critical projects across New Zealand”. – Bruce Robinson, Director – Global Survey. Bruce Robinson

The Kurloo solution consists of advanced Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and cloud computing technology to deliver mm precise and accurate real-time insights to help manage risk.

An Australian made technology, Kurloo is a reliable autonomous displacement and settlement monitoring solution that’s revolutionising monitoring by making it more affordable and more accessible.

Kurloo sensors are designed to be a low-cost solution that are easy and fast to install. This makes them able to be deployed very quickly after extreme events, such as earthquakes, cyclones or heavy rain that’s caused slips and settlement issues. They can be up and running faster than any other monitoring solution on the market, providing high-frequency data continuously and informing the plan for remedial work.

The Hardware as a Service (HaaS) model brings the cost of entry down significantly and makes monitoring much more accessible for projects.


“We’re extremely proud of this important milestone in our company’s journey. Global Survey has an incredible reputation for delivering quality solutions in New Zealand and is a trusted partner that aligns well with our values and ethos” Lee Hellen, Founder & CEO – Kurloo 

Kurloo will appeal to Engineers, Surveyors and Contractors for use during the construction of critical road/ rail infrastructure and embankments, to enable continuous and autonomous data collection and deliver the ability to manage the risk of the collapse of unstable slopes and structures.

To find out more contact info@globalsurvey.co.nz or visit www.globalsurvey.co.nz/kurloo