SmartFix New Ports

For survey customers it is vital to select a SmartFix Mountpoint that is closest to your working area.

By selecting the closest Mountpoint you improve the likelihood of obtaining a good GNSS fix, reduce the need for doing a site localization and most importantly minimise the distance dependent error in the GNSS observation. If the site is midway between 2 Mountpoints then it is best to choose 1 Mountpoint and stick with that for the entire project.

It is now possible with Leica Captivate running Firmware 4.0 or greater to sort Mountpoints by distance – for this solution to be effective the user needs to migrate to the new port (x8xx).

The Process To Sort Mountpoints Is As Follows:

1 – Ensure you are on the new SmartFix ports. This can be checked here:

SmartFix 2

2 – Checking the Range (Sort by Distance):

SmartFix 1

SmartFix 4

SmartFix 5

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