Leica MCP80

The next generation of machine control hardware from Leica Geosystems combines advanced technology with simplicity.

The new Leica MCP80 control panel and docking station have been developed by the world’s leading experts in machine control and are packed with the latest technology.

Stay connected. Get ahead.

The integrated cellular modem enables you to stay connected to your jobsite from anywhere in the world. With the fastest and most reliable 4G / 4GX modem you can sync data between field and office effortlessly and access remote support when needed via Leica’s web-based ConX platform.

Leica ConX is a cloud enabled solution that simplifies data handling for your machine control operations and enables you to manage, monitor and share construction and survey data in real time. From any device with an internet connection, you can sync 3D design data, access support, consolidate asbuilt files and monitor machine progress remotely.

Connect to our market leading SmartFix GNSS Reference Station Network to keep you precisely positioned at all times and maximise productivity.

Quick transfer between machines.

The MCP80 panel is perfect for contractors with mixed fleets from different manufacturers. The MCP80 control panel locks onto the docking station with a new secure locking system for quick installation and removal. The operator simply needs to undock the panel for easy cable-free transfer between machines regardless of make or model.

Machine specific data such as calibration values and system configuration are stored in the docking station. In this way, the panel can be seamlessly transferred to any other machine without the risk of losing machine specific data. The operator can take the MCP80 panel from one machine to the another easily and quickly without the hassle of cables or connectors.

Easy to use, rugged design.

The MCP80 panel has been designed to the highest specifications, never before seen in machine control hardware. For optimum visibility, the high resolution 8″ full colour touchscreen features back lit buttons, anti-glare screen and an ambient light sensor which automatically adjusts screen brightness when operating in low light conditions or glaring sunshine.

Designed with the ultimate robustness in mind the MCP80 panel features a tough aluminium shell, double layer glass touchscreen and a rugged enclosure to provide extra protection. Both, panel and docking station are certified with an IP66 and IP67 rating, which means they are fully protected from dust and water and able to be used outside the machine cab for paving etc.

Future proof your investment.

Your machine control hardware will define or restrict what you’re able to do from a software perspective now and in the future. The MCP80 panel and docking station are packed with cutting edge technology to ensure you’re ready for future technological advancements.

Embedded with cutting-edge technology for today and tomorrow, the MCP80 control panel is the most advanced machine control hardware on the market.

Key connectivity features:

  • Built-in 4G/4GX cellular modem
  • Integrated wifi and bluetooth
  • Fiber optic and infrared data transfer
  • 3 x powerful processors
  • 1 x dedicated processor for graphics to handle large design files
  • USB
  • 3 x high speed CAN interface ports
  • Ethernet & serial ports


Put the intelligent Leica MCP80 control panel to the test. Request a demo.

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 Intelligent Construction

Through digitisation the civil construction industry is embracing intelligent construction to deliver increased productivity and improved safety. Digitisation enables projects to be completed on time, on budget and to the highest specifications. Intelligent construction enables contractors to make business decisions based on real-time data analysis and reporting which greatly improves productivity.

Leica Geosystem’s world-class technology spans the entire construction lifecycle and includes an intelligent suite of solutions for survey, design, site positioning, construction lasers, laser scanning, UAVs, machine control, design software, reference station services and much more delivered in an intuitive offering tailored to all levels of users.

 Leica MCP80 Panel