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Leica iCON Grade iGG3

Leica iCON iGG3 Grade 3D System

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The Leica iCON iGG3 3D Grader System puts the design at your fingertips, eliminating the need for stakes and string lines.  Work independently, accurately and anywhere on the project design with fully automatic control using your 3D design data.  Depending on your accuracy requirements choose either GNSS or robotic total station for highest precision grading.

With an additional blade roll sensor “as standard” the Leica IGG3 grader solution doesn’t put restrictions on how the operator likes to use the machine, allowing him to roll the blade forward without loosing accuracy making the Leica iGG3 the preferred choice for many of NZ’s largest roading contractors.

Optional features like Automatic side-shift allow you to control the blade and keep it at a constant offset to your design lines.

The Leica iGG3 system can be used with any grader using either Leica’s “plug and play” interface to all the common machine brands or a traditional hydraulic valve installation on older machines.

The next generation of machine control hardware from Leica Geosystems combines advanced technology with simplicity. Designed to be fully interchangeable and future-proofed across all machine types, the new MCP80 intelligent machine control panel keeps you powered on, whatever your project demands.

Leica iCON iGG3 3D Grader dramatically increases precision and productivity and optimises material usage on any earthmoving and fine-grading contract. Leica iCON Grade iGG3 offers you 2D cross slope control and 3D machine control in one panel, easily switch between them at the touch of a button.

As the project needs change, you need to respond quickly. Take full-control of your site from any desktop or tablet via Leica ConX, a cloud based collaboration tool designed to efficiently manage all your connected construction projects. Access the online dashboard and view equipment on all your job sites in real time, see progress updates, run reports and update design files remotely.

Since installing NZ’s first 3D grader system back in 2001 we have amassed a wealth of grading experience.  Contact our machine control team to talk to the grading experts.

Leica MCP80 Control Panel

The MCP80 panel is a new cutting-edge technology platform, future-proofed to protect your investment. Equip machines with the new docking station and transfer the cable-free MCP80 panel between machines as the job requires, regardless of type, make or model.


Built with tough environmental specifications, the Leica Geosystems docking station and MCP80 panel are designed to operate in extreme temperatures (-40 °C to +65 °C) and are water, vibration and shock proof.

Connectivity is assured with the integrated cellular modem enabling you to stay connected to your jobsite from anywhere in the world. With the fastest and most reliable 4G / 4GX modem you can sync data between field and office effortlessly and access remote support when needed.

Put the rugged MCP80 panel to the test. Request a demo.

Precise fine grading can be done with speed and ease. Select the design and simply dial in the desired depth offset below finished level and your ready to grade. Grading has never been so simple.

Bulk Earthworks and Civil Construction
Load any 3D design file into the system and get perfectly cut sections and roads with each pass.

When constructing roads, place the material in even layers to aid consistent compaction. Achieve smooth ride quality and precise layer thicknesses by working with the most precise grading solution on the market today.

The Leica MCP80 control panel allows for one intelligent system across your fleet, one common interface and seamless cable-free transfer between machines, regardless of type, make or model.

  • Built with tough environmental specifications, the Leica Geosystems docking station and MCP80 panel are designed to operate in extreme temperatures (-40 °C to +65 °C) and are water, vibration and shock proof.
  • Unique mast-tilt compensation maintains system accuracy as the operator rolls the blade forward and doesn’t restrict how the operator likes to use the machine.
  • Automatic sideshift option to steer blade to a line (e.g. a kerbline)
  • iGG3 works with all graders, regardless of make or model with “Plug and Play” interfaces to newer common machine brands.
  • Fully supports iCON ConX for cloud connectivity, data exchange and dashboard style performance reporting.
  • Supports industry standard AutoCAD DXF/DWG and Land XML files directly on the machine.
  • The most advanced 3D graphics in the industry.
  • Operator-friendly, easy-to-understand operator interface reduces training time and costs.
  • Switch between 2D and 3D view with the touch of a button.

“We get excellent service from Global Survey. Tight tolerances on roading jobs meant we needed a Leica PowerGrade 3D system for our graders. We can get within 5mm of the design and we save a lot of downtime without having to do any stringing and by putting in fewer pegs.”

Doug Morgan, Contracts Manager, HEB