University of Waikato

We are honoured to be partnering with The University Of Waikato to ensure their School of Engineering is fully equipped with the latest Leica Geosystems technology.

The new fleet of Leica total stations, GNSS smart antennas and Captivate software will be used by students on the new Civil Engineering Programme studying for their Bachelor of Engineering with Honours. The equipment will also be utilised across the university’s internationally recognised research facilities delivering innovative and pioneering research and transferring knowledge to business and government sectors.

“Equipping the university with the latest technology is an essential component of high-quality teaching and research”. Mostafa Seifan – Teaching Fellow, Engineering, The University Of Waikato.

The University of Waikato is ranked among the world’s top 1.1% of universities* and is well respected for delivering students an industry connected experience with practical and theoretical skills to help create, improve and protect our built and natural environments. The new Civil Engineering Programme is an opportunity for students to develop their skills to the level where they can carry out or oversee engineering survey.

Paying It Forward

It’s crucial that by the time students graduate, they have had significant experience on both the equipment that is widely used across the industry and also the latest advancements in hardware and software. With this partnership, the University of Waikato are continuing their commitment to invest in the latest technology for students.

From our side, the Global Survey geomatics team will be involved long-term on a practical level delivering training, ongoing support and guest lectures.

“For us it’s all about paying it forward and investing in the future of our industry. There have been many recent advancements in both GNSS technology and software, we are ideally placed to share our technical knowledge and practical experience with the next generation of engineers”. Bruce Robinson – Director, Global Survey.

Trained engineers are in high demand both across New Zealand and internationally, they are key to future innovations in improving infrastructure, building smarter and solving industrial real-world problems.

Focusing on three main areas of surveying, data analysis/software and construction management the course aims to deliver the next generation of Civil Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer, Structural Engineer, Transport Engineer, Water Engineer, and Construction Engineer.

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