permanent tilt compensation

Leica Geosystems have developed the world’s first GNSS technology with permanent tilt compensation.

Leica ICON GPS 70 T  is the ultimate GNSS, ready when you are anywhere, anytime. You no longer need to hold the pole vertical or level the bubble, which saves considerable time and increases safety onsite.

How does it work?

Leica have integrated the latest GNSS technology and inertial measurement unit (IMU) technology into a GNSS receiver that delivers the worlds first truly permanent tilt solution. Other brand GNSS receivers often claim to have tilt features BUT they require regular and complex calibration. Permanent, reliable, calibration-free tilt compensation is exclusive to the Leica GNSS solution through the integration of patented GNSS & IMU technology.

In addition to being calibration-free, the Leica iCON GPS 70 T is also not effected by magnetic disturbances from metal objects such as vehicles, fencing etc. You can measure safely and precisely where you need to even around obstructions onsite.

Watch the ultimate GNSS in action.

Built from the ground up with intuitive software specifically designed for construction, the Leica iCON GPS 70 T provides never before seen productivity.

Focus on personal safety.

The Leica iCON GPS70 T increases safety by enabling easier access for your measuring needs, for instance when measuring steep slopes or stockpiles onsite.

Without the distraction of holding the pole level to take measurements, you can focus on your personal safety at all times.

Construction Surveyors around the world are discovering the productivity and safety benefits of Leica GNSS with permanent tilt compensation.

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