LINZ stream upgrade

LINZ recently announced that from 1 August 2017 the PositioNZ-RT streams format will be upgraded to RTCM3.2 [MSM] format. In order to make this happen LINZ are decommissioning the older RTCM 3.0 format for all their stations.

How Will This Effect You?

If you’re a Global Survey SmartFix subscriber, there will be no effect as you retain the option to access the RTCM3.0 stream as part of our service.

If you’re accessing the LINZ feeds directly on older generation equipment or newer equipment without at least firmware version 5.5 you will have a problem. You’re choices are to either invest in newer equipment and firmware or if you’re not in a position to do that, you can continue to use the RTCM3.0 stream as a SmartFix subscriber. Find Out More.

SmartFix Reference Station Data

SmartFix is the most extensive GNSS reference station network in NZ with access to 85 stations nationwide. It provides a real-time kinematic (RTK) correction service over the internet, and RINEX files for post-processing. You don’t have to be a Leica user to enjoy the benefits of SmartFix, if your GPS or GNSS receiver can connect to the internet, SmartFix can deliver the data you need.

SmartFix subscriptions are available on a casual or annual basis and include support from our dedicated technical team.

Call us to find out more – 0800 453 422