The introduction of Robotic Total Stations enabled Survey professionals to measure and stake with increased automation, however there are still challenges and common errors that occur:

• The reflector pole must be held vertically while measuring and staking points.
• Points can be measured and stored with the wrong target height.
• The instrument can lock to the wrong target on congested sites.

The Leica AP20 AutoPole is the latest Survey innovation from Leica, being the world’s first tilt pole for total stations. It’s been designed for Surveyors, by Surveyors to eliminate several challenges of today’s field practices simultaneously.

The easy-to-use AP20 gives you the flexibility to work faster on any site, the Tilt Compensation feature eliminates the time spent plumbing the pole, increasing productivity and data reliability, and enabling measurement or staking of features that are normally hidden or offset.  With no need to focus on the bubble you are more aware of your surroundings, increasing safety on site.

The PoleHeight feature eliminates pole height errors, saving time in the field and in the office.  Coupled with the AutoHeight laser on the instrument, common sources of height errors are a thing of the past. Adjust the pole height and it is auto-recorded in Captivate field software.

The TargetID feature means that the instrument will only lock to the correct target, reducing frustration and increasing productive time –  this can be crucial on a busy site.

The combination of tilt compensation, automatic pole height readings and Target ID are unique in the industry and are transforming how surveyors measure with total stations.

The AP20 AutoPole helps users work more efficiently, trust the data they gather and increase productivity overall. The result is faster completion of projects while maintaining high quality standards.

Contact our Survey team to learn more about the Leica AP20 AutoPole – or 0800 453 422