Over the last decade, tiltrotators have taken the world by storm and it’s easy to see why! Their versatility makes them a must have piece of kit in many regions across Europe, Scandinavia and the US.

Engcon are a global leading brand based in Sweden and are the largest manufacturer of tiltrotators in the world, they’ve built a reputation on reliability, strength and are well known for their superior customer support and commitment to ongoing product development.

In New Zealand, more and more contractors are investing in tiltrotator technology and seeing the benefits of being able to use one machine for a wider variety of tasks. So, how does an Engcon Tiltrotator improve your business?

1. Increase revenue and save on costs

Do more. Earn more. It’s basic economics that your revenue will increase if you can tackle a wider variety of jobs with one machine and are able to complete more work in a day. Using technology to work smarter and more efficiently means that over time those incremental increases add up.

Engcon tiltrotators also save Contractors expenses in so many ways, being able to tackle more tasks from a stationary machine position and minimise the need for machine movements saves time, cuts down on fuel consumption and reduces the need for additional machinery and labour. What’s more, their precision and flexibility means less material wastage and less wear and tear on the machine.


“To be able to correctly place product and to minimise labour in an industry that is struggling for workers it’s really a no brainer. engcon has made the machine do more work. Less people on the ground which is safer and less people required. To be able to place the material exactly where it is needed from every angle saves everybody time and money” – Coastal Earthmoving & Excavations (CENEX)

2. Improves safety

One of the key reasons to invest in an engcon tiltrotator is because of the unique flexibility and maneuverability of the bucket from one machinery position, this increases safety around the machine and is especially important in compact work areas, urban environments or on sites with lots of machinery working at the same time.

Engcon’s award winning Q-Safe™ system makes their tiltrotators one of the safest quick couplers on the market, where the risk of incorrect coupling has been designed out or the product completely. With Q-Safe™ fitted to an excavator, the bucket or tool must have ground contact that exerts a given pressure. In other words, buckets, tools and attachments cannot be removed whilst in the air, this prevents the risks from unsafe connections & dropped attachments.

3. Ultimate versatility

An engcon tiltrotator makes it easy to rotate and tilt the bucket regardless of the machine position. In addition to ordinary buckets, the machine can also be fitted to many different types of manual and hydraulic tools, reducing the need for other machinery to be brought in and maximising the volume of work that one engcon-enabled machine can complete.

4. Reduces environmental impact

Greater flexibility means that it is possible to excavate around obstacles in a stationary position and in confined spaces quicker, easier and safer. Fewer excavator movements naturally leads to less damage to the ground, significantly reducing the environmental impact of the machine, saving time on clean up and also saving fuel.

5. Provides peace of mind

As a quality global brand you can be assured of the manufacturing process and certification of components. Engcon tiltrotators are robust and built to endure everything a civil construction project can throw at them. A two year warranty from engcon, provided as standard on all new tiltrotators, delivers peace of mind.

You can also rely on the level of support provided by the local experts at Global Survey and the wider engcon technical team who prioritise customer service.

Machine downtime is expensive and frustrating, but remote customer service access via the free engcon DC2 app is proven to solve 8/10 technical support issues remotely, meaning that if you have any problems, you can be in the cab onsite, and we can remotely connect to your machine from anywhere and get you back up and running quickly.

Troydon Contractors

“We really liked the engcon, it’s a quality brand with all the features we wanted and more. It also gives us the functionality of a rotating head when using our existing attachments, which will be a huge asset. We especially like the mobile app which lets us change the speeds or check the settings, plus if we ever need support, the Global Survey team can dial in remotely to check or reconfigure the system too.” – Troy Abernethy Troy Abernethy

6. Maximises convenience

One of the biggest considerations when considering an engcon tiltrotator is the convenience factor. Changing a tool manually can take approx. 90-120 seconds (if it’s straightforward and nothing goes wrong) with engon’s EC-Oil automatic quick hitch system, it’s much quicker taking only around 10 seconds. With constant attachment changes required on a job, potentially 20-30 tools changes a day would save an hour a day, that’s an hour more of productivity you get back every day.

Not only does it save time, but it’s also far more convenient for the Operator, as they can remain in the comfort of the cab whilst changing attachments, no need to leave the cab to connect hydraulic or manual tools, this can be done very quickly and easily, meaning they can get back to moving earth quickly.

As the NZ engcon dealer, Global Survey has an expert team across the country on hand to advise customers and provide training and ongoing support. We are also committed to holding a good level of stock and a wide range of attachments that further expand the type of jobs your excavator can deliver and maximises the usability of your machine.

Find out more about engcon tiltrotators contact us on 0800 453 422