HDS hire

We’re excited to announce that the world’s fastest laser scanner, the Leica RTC360, is now part of our HDS hire fleet.

The Leica RTC360 offers lightning fast point cloud and HDR image capture at 2 million points per second with cutting edge in-field smart registration. Combined with the speed, scale and simplicity of Leica Cyclone Field 360, you’ll find that delivering precise data is easier and quicker than ever before.

In-Field Smart Registration

Leica RTC360 scanner effectively registers your data for you in the field with a revolutionary new technology called Visual Inertial System [VIS].

WATCH: VIS in action and how it interfaces with Leica Cyclone Field 360:

Take your pick:

With Leica’s ever-increasing portfolio of scanning solutions, it’s easy to be excited by the evolution of this industry.

We have a comprehensive fleet of Leica HDS hardware and software for hire with competitive rates for daily, weekly, monthly or longer term rental.

BLK360 RTC360 Leica ScanStation P50
BLK360 RTC360 P40 iStar

Hiring a Leica HDS solution is ideal if you need a specific instrument short-term, if you want to try the latest technology in the field before purchasing or if the job is starting soon and you need the equipment calibrated and ready to go quickly.

Your HDS hire includes:

  • Industry-leading laser scanners and/or software.
  • Basic training and ongoing telephone support from our expert HDS team.
  • Flexible rates for long term hire.

Interested in hiring Leica HDS equipment? Contact us on 0800 453 422 or enquire online.