Meet the new Lino cross and point line lasers from Leica Geosystems!

In addition to the accuracy and precision you’d expect from a Leica Lino Laser, this new range offers two important new features:

  • High visibility of the laser lines
  • Ability to position the laser quickly and precisely

This new range has been especially created to deliver outstanding laser visibility even in bright ambient light.

The new green laser diodes are up to 4x more visible, so users can now work more efficiently even bright light conditions and the self-levelling lasers make vertical and horizontal alignment simple and easy.

The new Leica Lino Lasers come with an ingenious magnetic adapter that allow users to quickly and precisely position the laser wherever it is needed. The high-quality optics are protected by a robust aluminium frame and impact-absorbing rubber components making the laser rugged and sturdy.

The lasers connect to the precision-made adapters with strong magnets, ensuring work is done quickly and precisely. The rotating TWIST adapters can be set up on edges and profiles or fixed to beams and rails. The L2P5G laser is adjustable in height thanks to the setting wheel on the magnetic wall bracket. A big help when installing suspended ceilings.

The clever power concept of the new Leica Lino Lasers enable you to choose to operate with alkaline batteries, Li-ion rechargeable batteries or connect directly to the power supply. This triple power concept ensures reliable, continuous use and the flexibility you need onsite.

Not sure which New Leica Lino Laser is right for you? See our handy Lino Comparison Chart

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