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SenSpot™ Wireless Structural Monitoring


SenSpot™ wireless structural monitoring sensors offer a breakthrough technology for real-time and long-term structural monitoring.

SenSpot™ is a complete wireless solution for remote structural monitoring consisting of 3 parts: SenSpot™, SeniMax™ & SenScope™:


Sensor that is physically attached to structure. Used as many as needed, typically 10-200 per structure.

SenSpot™ sensors can be used to monitor:

  • Bridge piers and abutments – monitoring tilt, horizontal displacement, settling, deflection, instability of foundation
  • Structural elements – monitoring strain (stress) in girders, beams, truss members, detecting over-strain, fatigue
  • Bearings and expansion joints – monitoring bearing tilt, movement of joints, temperature response, detecting bearing malfunction
  • Bridge load rating – fast, easy, reliable load carrying capacity calculation assisted by strain response of bridge elements
  • Other structures – air frames, pipelines, tunnels, towers, buildings, cranes, etc.


Collects data from on-site SenSpot™ sensors and sends it to a remote server (one unit can cover up to 250 SenSpot™).

SeniMax™ is a high performance wireless data collector and remote communication gateway designed for years of uninterrupted and reliable monitoring. SeniMax™ uses Resensys’s proprietary breakthrough energy efficient communication and scheduling technology. As a result, even when it is disconnected from solar cells, it still has a full month of energy reserve for reliable operation.

SeniMax™ has the option to interface with Cellular (HSPA/CDMA/GPRS), Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite services.


Software package that analyzes data & generates alerts. SenScope™ is a software package for real-time monitoring and structural diagnosis. SenScope™ is capable of converting large volumes of data into specific structural diagnostics information. The information generated by SenScope™ facilitates decision making and accelerates the course of action for maintenance/repair.

Other types of SenSpot™ includes:

  • Wireless Strain Gauge SenSpot™
  • Wireless Displacement/Crack meter SenSpot™
  • Wireless Humidity and Temperature SenSpot™
  • Wireless Tilt/Inclination SenSpot™
  • Wireless Vibration/Acceleration SenSpot™
  • Wireless Anemometer SenSpot™



• Maintenance free, low-power: minimum battery life of 10 years
• Wireless communication: IEEE 802.15.4, 2.4GHz
• Small size and lightweight: 2in × 2in × 1in, 5oz (50mm x 50mm x25mm, 142 gr).
• Easy mounting: quick installation, self-adhesive or flange mount
• Wide working temperature: -40 to +150°F (-40 to +65°C)
• Long communication range: 0.62mi (1.0Km) free space
• Fully weather proof: Ingress Protection of IP65 Types of SenSpot™ Sensors
• Strain (stress), resolution: 1 μStrain
• Vibration (acceleration), resolution: 1mg
• Tilt & inclination, resolution: 0.5 arc seconds (0.00016 degree)
• Humidity, resolution: 1% RH
• Displacement, resolution: 4mil (0.1mm)
• Temperature , resolution: 0.5 °C Certification: MIL-STD-461F


• Dimensions: 150mm x 20mm x 100mm (6in × 8in × 4in)
• Energy self sufficient: solar powered
• Wireless protocols:
• IEEE 802.15.4
• IEEE 802.11 / Wireless LAN
• IEEE 802.3 / Ethernet
• Low profile: small, easy to install
• Weatherproof: IP66 protection
• Coverage: up to 250 SenSpot™ sensors
• Lightweight: 1.5Kg (3.0 Ib)


• Communication with Resensys SenSpot™ and SeniMax™
• Real-time data visualization and management
• Automated structural diagnostics, alert generation & management
• Alert generation with customizable alert levels
• Archiving of historical data of the structure
• Capability of adding user notes per SenSpot™ sensor
• Capability of providing e-mail or text message alerts
• Report automation