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Leica Nova TM60 Monitoring Total Station


The perfect total station for permanent and campaign monitoring projects.

The robust, precise and enduring Leica Nova TM60 helps with monitoring projects whenever you need to collect data securely and continuously. It comes with a firm promise: real-time information and reports you can always rely on, helping you make informed decisions in time and on time.

Be it settling, flexing, shifting, sliding or any other change of state – you will have it under control 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The TM60 comes with the world’s longest ATRplus range, half-second automatic aiming accuracy, advanced imaging and the longest continuous operation.

The instrument reveals its full potential when paired with the Leica GeoMoS Now! Monitoring Solution. This combination enables you to react to complex demands of any monitoring project, be it continuous or periodic. The TM60 Monitoring Total Station is able to adapt automatically to changing environmental conditions, giving you peace of mind by reducing data gaps, downtime and unexpected costs.

The instrument comes with the powerful and intuitive Leica Captivate onboard field software. The easy-to-use touch technology and user-friendly apps enable the user to perform campaign monitoring.

When to use the Leica Nova TM60:

  • Permanent monitoring (24/7): remote operation, continuous monitoring, real-time measurement data, robust against various environmental conditions.
  • Campaign monitoring (periodical): flexible instrument setup, automated measurements, Leica Captivate field software, dedicated monitoring app, connectivity to cloud services.
  • Buildings and structures: monitoring of buildings, skyscrapers, industrial and sports facilities, offshore and underground structures.
  • Transportation infrastructure: monitoring of tunnels, railway, bridges, roads & highways, airports, ports & canals.
  • Environmental monitoring: monitoring of landslides, rock falls, subsidence.
  • Energy infrastructure: monitoring of dams, oil & gas, nuclear facilities, pipelines power plants.
  • Mining: monitoring of slope stability, high walls and quarries.


Lowest Downtime
Leica Nova TM60 is set out to give you peace of mind with the longest continuous operation in the field, the longest maintenance intervals (yearly) and no data gaps due to the new Leica GeoMoS Edge.

The Leica Nova TM60 has now become the world’s first self-learning monitoring total station due to the introduced ATRplus. ATRplus enables advanced automation and best measurement performance (up to 3,000 m), without the need to do adjustments to environmental conditions.

Leica GeoMoS
Leica Geosystems’ automatic deformation monitoring system helps monitoring customers quickly understand and react to complex demands of monitoring projects with the necessary flexibility.

This GeoMoS feature allows the instrument to automatically search, aim and measure monitoring prisms with an enlarged field of view of the ATRplus. The detection of monitoring targets can now be done autonomically and remotely.