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Leica ComBox60


Every automated monitoring project requires not just sensors, software, power components but also communication devices in the field. With all these different components, installation can be complex and a challenge when trying to set everything up and automating it to make it run 24/7. This process is now simplified with the compact and light-weight Leica ComBox60, lowering the entry barrier into the world of automated monitoring.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the ComBox60 only needs to be mounted in the field, have the sensors connected to it, and with the press of a button, is all set up and ready to start monitoring. Making customised and cumbersome communication boxes a thing of the past, the ComBox60 speeds up and simplifies the geodetic monitoring sensor setup in the field.

Rugged and Efficient

Small, compact and lightweight, the ComBox60’s rugged, IP66-rated weather-proof exterior can withstand all types of harsh environmental conditions eliminating the need for additional protective enclosure for outdoor use. Specially designed power saving mode and inbuilt environmental and diagnostic sensors reduce power consumption for prolonged use of the ComBox60 and monitoring sensors.

No Data Gaps

Even in the event of power and/or communication failure, the ComBox60 will continue to autonomously control monitoring sensors based on configured measurement cycles, intelligently adapting to environmental conditions and locally logging raw data. Data transmission resumes once communication is restored. In the case of a power outage, the ComBox60 will run on its internal battery.

Centralised Configuration

Wherever your monitoring projects are being carried out, devices in the field only need to be plugged in and powered up. The configuration of all ComBox60 devices is then performed from the office in one centralised view within the Leica GeoMoS monitoring project. This significantly speeds up the configuration process and also gives you an overview of all your measurement cycles.