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Global Survey provides easy-to-use Leica software solutions that seamlessly connect measurement sensors to provide maximum productivity from field data collection to final data presentation.

“Beca have a high level of trust in the Leica P30/P40 scanners and Global Survey’s ability to support them. The arrival of the new P30/P40 technology was a step forward in terms of clarity of data and accuracy. At the same time we have developed our scanning capabilities, so the investment in the Leica scanner was the right tool for our business model. We have made a huge investment in our knowledge of the scanning market so we can give our clients valuable advice around the application of point clouds to their project, with a particular emphasis on extracting the right deliverables from the data.”
Richard Harrison, Business Development Lead – Survey, Beca

Discover how to utilise Building Information Management BIM as a Key to open the door to a new market, new clients and new opportunities.

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