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Leica TruView VR Software


TruView VR allows users to explore project sites from anywhere using a supported Windows Mixed Reality headset such as the HTC Vive or HP Reverb. Leica TruView is the industry leader for easily and intuitively sharing point cloud data, design models, mark-ups, and more. Leica TruView is the smarter way for anyone in your project ecosystem to access, view, analyse and collaborate using reality capture data.

With the release of TruView 2022.0.0, users can now explore any TruView project in VR, launched directly from the desktop application. Connect any Windows Mixed Reality-compatible headset to enter a fully immersive virtual reality experience from the comfort of your home or office.

TruView VR allows users to enter into their reality capture projects at true to life scale. Immerse yourself in your data as never before, combining both colourised point clouds and models to explore design concepts in situ, visualise a remodel, test-fit new equipment or get up close with areas of a site you can’t access in person.


  • FREE extension of the popular TruView desktop viewer. Users who already utilise TruView in their workflows now have a new tool at their disposal.
  • Compatible with all TruView-supported data—no conversion or re-publishing is required. Explore projects stored locally or in Cyclone ENTERPRISE in VR.
  • Simple, intuitive navigation. Users can view, walk, fly or teleport through a project using a VR headset and controllers.
  • Access the import info that your projects have to offer, such as GeoTags and models.
  • Perform linear measurements in VR.
  • Expanded options for collaboration. TruView VR supports multi-person viewing and exporting screenshots and videos of projects in VR using the native Windows Mixed Reality recording tools and sharing them with other stakeholders.

Target groups:

  • Plant managers will now be able to explore a potentially hazardous site unsafe to visit in person from the safety of their office.
  • Foremen can inspect remote job sites using VR while saving on travel costs.
  • Construction project stakeholders can check in on progress remotely and inspect progress against a design model.
  • Companies can familiarise new workers with a site before they arrive so they are comfortable on-site on their first day.
  • Law-enforcement professionals can return to closed crime scenes virtually or provide access to scenes without the risk of contamination—even allowing prosecutors, defense attorneys and jurors to experience a scene for themselves.


VR offers great benefits and advantages to users working in any environment. TruView VR is a seamless extension of the viewer you already use, allowing you to quickly integrate VR into your workflow. TruView VR is intuitive and compatible with Windows Mixed Reality headsets.
With TruView VR, you can save time and money by minimizing in-person site visits.

Rather than viewing a scaled representation of a project, you can step into it and walk around. Look around corners and under objects while getting a true sense of the space.

When combined with Leica’s new autonomous data collection platforms such as BLK2FLY and BLKARC, TruView VR is a powerful companion to eliminate safety hazards and provide an unprecedented level of access to dangerous or difficult to access locations.

VR may become deliverable in and of itself in the near future, offering clients an engaging look into their project before its completed. To that end, Leica has included VR capabilities within its free end-user viewer rather than any of its licensed up-stream products so that customers can freely share it with their clients