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3DReshaper – One Software, Infinite Applications.

3DReshaper is a tool to process 3D point clouds wherever they come from: 3D scanners, laser scanning, UAVs, or any other digitization device… Whatever your point cloud processing challenges are 3DReshaper has the tools you need.

You can import one or several point clouds whatever their origin and size. Point cloud preparation is often the most important step to handle in order to save time with the subsequent steps (i.e. meshing).

That is why 3DReshaper provides a complete range of simple but powerful functions to process point clouds like:

  • Import without real limit of the imported number of points
  • Clever reduction to keep best points and remove points only where density is the highest
  • Automatic segmentation
  • Automatic or manual separation and cleaning
  • Extraction of best points evenly spaced, density homogenization
  • Automatic noise measurement reduction
  • Colors according to a given direction
  • Fusion
  • Registration, Alignment and Best Fit
  • 3D comparison with a mesh or a CAD model
  • Planar sections
  • Best geometrical shapes extraction (planes, cylinders, circles, spheres, etc.)
  • Several representation modes: textured, shaded, intensity (information depending on the imported data)

Process Large Datasets

3DReshaper can be easily integrated into any workflow as it can handle many types of files. The main formats you can import/export are DXF, DWG, STL, OBJ, IGES, STEP, VRML, LandXML, PTS, FLS, PTX, E57, LAS, etc.

Point Cloud Procesing

With 3DReshaper you can import point clouds regardless of their origin and size. Many formats are supported so that your project is compatible with your scanner and other software.

You have the choice between several filters in order to quickly and efficiently improve your point clouds:

  • powerful noise detection
  • smart reduction
  • effective regular sampling & density homogenization
  • automatic segmentation

You can also separate your point clouds or eliminate unnecessary points using geometrical features, meshes or contours. Save time and resources by importing only a certain number of points from huge scan files without losing details and information.


3DReshaper meshing process is one of the most powerful on the market as it has been designed completely in 3D.

Process large point clouds quickly and easily to obtain light-weight, accurate and aesthetic models.

Moreover, there are many tools available to further improve meshes once created:

  • a really smart smoothing to keep details and improve general aspect
  • a customizable holes filling
  • an efficient decimation with deviation control
  • a useful sharp edges reconstruction
  • an easy extrusion function

In the world of Surveyors, modeling can be very complex due to a lot of extraneous data in the scans (vegetation, cars, signs, etc.). In 3DReshaper, there is a dedicated command to automatically extract the ground from a point cloud, so you can create an accurate DTM in one click.

Camera & Textures

Easily map every kind of pictures on a 3D mesh:

  • with camera internal parameters (focal length, sensor size, ) and external parameters (posi- tion, orientation) to automatically apply textures on the mesh.
  • and/or with reference points clicked on the mesh and the picture

Improve and automatize your texture mapping work flow thanks to the Camera Calibration.

Create an atlas in order to optimize texture size.

Export 3D textured meshes or customisable ortho-images.

In the case of colored point clouds, you can also sim- ply apply the cloud color on the 3D mesh.

Do virtual visit from a camera path and camera tar- gets and export your ready-to-use video.

Monitoring, Controls & Volumes

Extract geometrical shapes (planes, cylinders, contours, etc.) directly from a point cloud or a mesh: useful to extract windows on a facade,control the cylindricity of a tank, the verticality of a wall, etc.

Proceed complete surface analysis (slope, levelness and flatness) and export dedicated reports in one click.

Quickly get various measurements (volumes, distances, angles, etc.) and compute 3D or 2D comparison between two objects (clouds, meshes, CAD, polylines, etc.) with an  adjustable  colored map and then create complete and customisable reports.

Run a tunnel inspection thanks to dedicated tools:

  • neutral axis computation
  • cross sections along an axis
  • cross sections comparison
  • overbreaks and underbreaks volumes
  • 2D inspection map