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Leica Pegasus:Two


Leica Pegasus:Two, the latest technology in mobile surveying.

Keep pace in this era of digital disruption by increasing efficiency with the Leica Pegasus: Two. By moving the work site from the field to the office, employees are safer, insurance is less, and site visits are shorter.

The Leica Pegasus:Two enhances traditional projects and creates new business opportunities. Leveraging the concept of a multi-sensor platform, it can be combined with sky cameras for city modelling, thermal imaging for energy loss detection, an additional camera for pavement assessments, pollution sensors to assess air quality, and a ground penetrating radar for underground asset management.

You only need to conduct a data capture once to generate multiple revenue streams. Achieving survey-grade accuracy, the reality captured data creates new business opportunities and allows you to take on bigger projects.

Additional Optional Features:

Pavement Camera – Leveraging the most advanced low noise laser profile with the innovative pavement camera of the Pegasus:Two, extends analysis functions

  • Pavement crack index
  • IRI index
  • Road sign extraction
  • Clearance analysis

Ground Penetrating Radar – Detect buried assets and uncover potential dangers before digging to avoid damaging the utility infrastructure by upgrading to Pegasus:Stream.Pipe location

  • Density change for water network leakage
  • Cavities detection
  • Buried objects

Thermal Sensor – Locate energy loss and overheating electricity network to prevent costly maintenance activities.

  • Transformer temperature
  • Fuses operability
  • Energy auditing and inspection in residential areas
  • Search and rescue missions