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Leica iCON MC1 3D Grade Solution for Box Blades


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All In One Solution – Leica iCON MC1

Leica Geosystems intelligent and intuitive hardware and software combination combines the MCP80 Panel and MC1 Software into one common platform which can be used across all machines

Leica iCON MC1 3D Grade Solution for box blades and skid steers is the ultimate tool. This flexible system can be used for push blades mounted to a skid steer or drag boxes mounted to a tractor. Single or dual laser configurations allow for height control only or height plus cross slope, giving you the ability to configure you system as the job dictates. Expand your system by adding the MCP80 Panel and the associated TPS or GNSS accessories and you have full 3D capabilities on your skid steer

Connectivity is assured with the integrated cellular modem enabling you to stay connected to your jobsite from anywhere in the world. With the fastest and most reliable 4G / 4GX modem you can sync data between field and office effortlessly and access remote support when needed.

Designed to be fully interchangeable across your entire fleet, the new MCP80 intelligent machine control panel keeps you powered on, whatever your project demands.


• The Leica MCP80 control panel allows for one intelligent system across your fleet, one common interface and seamless cable-free transfer between machines, regardless of type, make or model.
• Built with tough environmental specifications, the Leica Geosystems docking station and MCP80 panel are designed to operate in extreme temperatures (-40 °C to +65 °C) and are water, vibration and shock proof.
• Fully supports iCON ConX.
• Supports industry standard AutoCAD DXF/DWG and Land XML files directly on the machine.
• 3D Graphics – The most advanced 3D graphics in the industry and the only solution with 3D graphical views.
• Create a reference surface with up to four slopes
• USB data transfer enables transfer of files ON and OFF the system.
• Operator-friendly, easy-to-understand user interface reduces training time / costs and enables the creation of simple terrain models directly on the screen.
• Switch between 2D and 3D view with the touch of a button.

iGD CoPilot for iGD3

With Leica Geosystems’ iGD CoPilot, the dozer operator only needs to concentrate on the speed and direction of the machine. The critical factors, cross slope and height of the blade, are adjusted automatically by iGD CoPilot.

The iGD CoPilot eliminates the creation of washboard surfaces and incorrect cross slope of the blade. As a result, beginner operators are able to deliver professional results, leading to reduced costs caused by rework and wear and tear.

Key benefits

• Reduce the complexity of controlling multiple parameters on a dozer while the iGD CoPilot automatically adjusts critical parameters
• Ensure correct grades without washboard surfaces or incorrect cross slopes of the blade
• Get accurate results even when working without a rotating laser, total station or GPS correction source
• Enhance efficiency on your construction site due to less rework, wear and tear and training effort
• Increase focus on the area you are grading, making it a safer working environment

Schick Construction and Cartage of Te Rapa are always looking to keep ahead of competitors – something they believe they’ve found with Leica machine technology.

“New Zealand distributors Global Survey Ltd work hard to ensure Schick get the best products to fully integrate across their fleet and sites to deliver reliability, ease of use and “exceptional” after-sales support.”
Patrick Peoples, Managing Director of Schick Construction and Cartage of Te Rapa.

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Dines Group are constantly finding unexpected new applications for their Leica machine control systems.

“The machines have allowed us to speed up multiple operations, as well as doing away with labourers measuring road cut outs etc. In addition, we’re able to complete tasks more accurately than ever before. Accuracy and efficiency are core values of the company.”
Jason Ware, Survey Manager at Dines Group

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