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engcon Tiltrotator EC204 [2-4 tonne]


Suitable for all excavators in the 2-4 tonne weight class.

The engcon tiltrotator EC204 has a tilt angle of 45 degrees and can be fitted with engcon’s proportional control system DC2, for stepless control with the highest precision and remote support via the mobile network.


  • A single grease point for the entire tiltrotator; can also be connected to an excavators auto greasing system
  • Extra outlet as standard equipment.
  • Q-Safe quick hitch for maximum safety
  • Comes standard with QSC locking system to avoid wrongly connected or dropped buckets
  • Load-holding valves on tilt cylinders for maximum safety
  • Hardened piston rods
  • Rotation ∞
  • ± 45° tilt

Quick hitch: Standard QS40

Control system: DC2 proportional control system for infinitely variable control with remote support capability, can be configured to control track/wheel steering, boom slew or most hydraulic functions from joystick rollers.

Electrical system: Standard 12-volt.

Accessory: Integrated gripper

engcon tiltrotator diagram 1
Width A [mm]:267
Width B [mm]:161
Width C [mm]:169
Total length D [mm]:463
Build height E [mm]:310
Tilt [°]:+-45 degrees
Weight [kg]:116
Rotation: endless
Max bucket width recommended by engcon [mm]:1,000
Rec hydraulic flow DC2/SS10 [l/min]:30
Rec hydraulic flow SS9 tilt/rotation [l/min]:10/25
Max hydraulic pressure [MPa]:22
Max breakout torque [kNm]:28