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Rothbucher Systeme RS40 Small Target

$8.95 excl GST

$8.95 excl GST

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Levelling instrument, laser, theodolites, or total stations: these small markers are the perfect surveying point for any instrument. On difficult ground, the markers are permanently fastened with adhesive, or with dowels and screws. A protrusion to which the measuring rod or a measuring slat can be applied guarantees precise transfer of height.

Crosshairs are imprinted on the backing plate under the exact centre of each reflective target to ensure the survey point is durably marked. If the reflective target is damaged at any point, it can easily be replaced and the original survey point can be restored quickly, easily and cheaply.

Rothbucher Systeme RS40 Small Target:

  • Self-adhesive small red target
  • For ensuring heights and axes are securely marked
  • For industrial construction and hall construction
  • For production lines
  • The surveyor’s measuring stick can be attached for measuring subsidence
  • Temperature and UV-resistant
  • Can be mounted even on difficult surfaces