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Rothbucher Systeme RS80 Smart Angle Target

$21.00 excl GST

$21.00 excl GST

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These markers are used when difficult measuring positions would make it impossible to sight on the reference points. The Rothbucher Systeme RS80 markers are installed in “roof-shape” to observe facades and other points, these markers are very well suited as corner solutions.

If heights and axis must be transferred from the outside to the inside and vice versa, the markers can be installed, for example, in the window jamb. You can then literally measure around corners.

Rothbucher Systeme RS80 Smart Angle Target:

  • 90° angle enables measurements and monitoring to be carried out in difficult surveying locations or where there is a shortage of space
  • Various attachment options: at “right angles” or “roof-shaped”
  • For quick positioning with tachymeter and all common measuring instruments
  • Long-term monitoring of bridges and buildings
  • For measuring and monitoring facades – even around corners
  • Transfer of heights and axes around corners and from inside to outside
  • Can be mounted even on difficult surfaces
  • Temperature and UV-resistant
  • Cross hairs are imprinted on the backing plate under the exact centre of the reflective target to ensure the survey point is durably marked. If the reflective target is damaged at any point, it can easily be replaced and the original survey point can be restored quickly, easily and cheaply.