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Leica PowerGrade 3D – High-performance, Flexible Grading System
Leica PowerGrade 3D will revolutionize the way you move dirt and fine-grade. It not only boosts your productivity and performance, it also offers unmatched flexibility.
Leica PowerGrade 3D can dramatically increase machine utilisation, productivity and optimize material usage on any earthmoving and fine-grading contract. It can be used with a wide range of sensors and combines ease-of-use, unrivaled flexibility with intuitive and powerful software.

The key to the Leica PowerGrade system lies in our unique PowerSnap concept – a single docking station allowing easy and quick exchange of panels. Simply swap the 2D with the 3D panel or even transfer the panels between machines. Just snap the control panel into place and get to work.

Learn how Global Survey customers are using Machine Control:

  • Overcome the contracting industry’s skill shortage
    • Machine Control Technology bridges the gap in available resource and increases the accuracy of the finished product
  • Keeping your fleet and staff as productive as possible
  • Sharper prices for clients and a well-trained and motivated workforce
  • Ability to cut complex shapes in one pass saving time and costs
  • Work faster and smarter

Schick Construction and Cartage of Te Rapa are always looking to keep ahead of competitors – something they believe they’ve found with Leica machine technology. Read the full case study here.

“New Zealand distributors Global Survey Ltd work hard to ensure Schick get the best products to fully integrate across their fleet and sites to deliver reliability, ease of use and “exceptional” after-sales support.”
Patrick Peoples, Managing Director of Schick Construction and Cartage of Te Rapa.  

Dines Group are constantly finding unexpected new applications for their Leica machine control systems.  Read the full case study here.

“The machines have allowed us to speed up multiple operations, as well as doing away with labourers measuring road cut outs etc. In addition, we’re able to complete tasks more accurately than ever before. Accuracy and efficiency are core values of the company.”
Jason Ware, Survey Manager at Dines Group

Watch and learn how Downer and Dempsey Wood use Leica machine control, Survey equipment, and Construction lasers to give them a major competitive advantage.


“Using a single supplier, Global Survey, and single brand, Leica,for all our positioning, measurement and machine control technology means everything on site integrates seamlessly, and as a result return on investment has been very rapid. Global Survey’s after sales support has been amazing and definitely a reason for us continuing to work with them.”
Conal Dempsey
Managing Director
Dempsey Wood Civil Ltd

Increased productivity

Maximises your machine utilisation and return-on-investment from day one, by getting right to grade the first time. Save time, setup and go in minutes. PowerGrade system remembers all your settings.

Increased flexibility Unique Snap-on & Snap-off capability

Easy removal of key components for overnight security. One docking station for all panels. Fully scaleable from basic 2D entry system to full 3D capability in the same control panel.Simple upgrade step to 3D – buy a 3D-ready panel and upgrade later or rent the GPS/Tracker and 3D software.

Reduced costs

Faster job cycles reduce operating costs. Reduce labor costs by reducing or eliminating grade checks.

Unrivaled Flexibility

Why be forced into buying a complete dozer or grader system for each machine in your fleet? Leica’s unique Snap-on and Snap-off capability allows you to change from one configuration to another as the job demands. For example: Running in 3D mode today and 2D mode tomorrow? – Just switch operating modes. Using the grader one day and your dozer the next? – Just transfer the control panel to the other machine. If you are not sure you want to take the whole investment for a 3D control system today – then buy a 3D ready panel and upgrade later.

Fully automatic machine guidance

The Leica PowerGrade 3D system opens new dimensions in earthmoving and fine grading. The 3D system brings design surfaces and true road alignments inside the cab. You are no longer dependent on stringlines, stakes or hubs. You can now work totally independently, and more accurately, anywhere on the project design guided by a GNSS/GPS system or a robotic total station. Using true 3D road alignments saves material, improves machine utilisation and lets you deliver your client a better finished product.

More advantages for increasing productivity:

  • Contact-free control panel – no more connectors or cables.
  • Automatic Side-shift control for motorgraders with our unique Tri-Sonic or GPS/Tracker sensors. No more overcuts!
  • Create a reference surface with up to four slopes without a 3D design model.
  • Hold-Slope feature allows precise crown cuts and extending past breaklines when needed.
  • Unique mast-tilt compensation – no more rebenching of the motorgrader blade between cut and fine-grading passes.
  • Works with many current total stations and GPS sensors.
  • Automatic power down when the control panel is removed.
  • Machine specific setting are permanently stored in the docking station.

Download the Leica PowerGrade Brochure

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