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The Measure of the Man – The Life of Archie Bogle

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The Life of Archie Bogle CBE, FNZIS, Surveyor of the Century

This hardback book chronicles the life of an extraordinary and charismatic New Zealander. The story of one of the last pioneers who put this country on the map and his transition to the modern era to become the foremost Surveyor of his time.

Archie Bogle was one of the last of the pioneering surveyors. He died 50 years ago, but in his last years he wrote an autobiography entitled Links in the Chain, which was published by the Institute in 1975. That autobiography tells the story of his early years, from about 1900 to the 1920s, working in the bush in the Whanganui River area.

The length and variety of his service to the survey profession and the community was unparalleled. Archie Bogle was a man of many talents and he writes with a mastery of humour and pathos about his career and exploits in two world wars. Of particular interest are his tales about surveying on the Whanganui River and his interactions with Māori in their native tongue, one of the many languages in which he was fluent.

A Book in Three Parts

Autobiographic, biographic and anecdotal, 335 pages, hardcover, in full colour, eminently suitable for your coffee table or as a thoughtful gift.

This has been republished as Part I of this three-part book, The Measure of the Man.

Part II is a short biography of Archie, with the title Surveyor Extraordinaire. It provides a more complete picture of his life, including his many activities within the Institute and it better illustrates Archie’s unparalleled record of professional and community service.

Part IIIThe Best of Bogle, is a series of short articles written by or about Archie. It includes pieces he wrote during World War One that were published in various British newspapers. There are a number of his editorials from the NZ Surveyor that, with the benefit of time, show just how wise he was. There are some touching tributes and much more.

Collectively, the three parts illustrate his mastery of the pen, his humour, his erudite wisdom and his compassion. Many new photographs and maps are included and a number of the photographs have been colourised. The result is an attractive, most readable book of some 335 pages, printed in a colourful hard bound cover.

The Measure of the Man will appeal to all Surveyors as well as anyone interested in New Zealand’s land development and social history and the life of a remarkable New Zealander and pioneer in his field.


“I was given the original ‘Links in the Chain’ as a gift, a great read that I couldn’t put down. The Measure of the Man elaborates further on a remarkable career and what a man Archie Bogle truly was. I highly recommend it to all surveyors as a must read.” Sam Williams, Survey Manager – Link Alliance and Survey & Spatial New Zealand Member

“A good read – everyone needs to recognise the contribution made by these pioneers. Archie had a brilliant mind, and the determination to endure hardship. Could you imagine modern surveyors achieving such good results while working in similar conditions.” John Walker, Survey & Spatial New Zealand Member

“What a Kiwi he was! Surveyor, Engineer, Soldier, Sportsman, Actor, Poet, Pioneer, friend of Māori, Editor, Bridge Builder, Land Developer and largely responsible for University Training of Surveyors, doyen of our profession.” R.G. Brickell, 1975 Survey & Spatial New Zealand Member (deceased) Extract from his review of the first edition.

“When I started surveying in the mid-80s, EDM was just coming in to play. Now robotic total stations, GPS and drones are all the rage. It’s interesting to read about surveying some 100 years ago, without all the tools and logistics we have available today. A well-constructed and easy read – and great to have on the coffee table.” Gary McAuslan, Survey & Spatial New Zealand Member

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