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SCAN&GO laser scanning technology delivers extraordinary performance for topographic applications.

Today there is a growing demand for large volumes of 3D data acquisition through the use of Laser Scanner equipment.

The technological solutions available on the field are two: Terrestrial Laser Scanner and Mobile System. The first solution ensures accuracy and precision but low productivity compared with the mobile system. The second solution guarantees high speed of data acquisition but with less level accuracy and repeatability.

The SCAN&GO system is designed to combine with terrestrial laser scanners. It aims to preserve accuracy and precision of data, optimise logistics during survey phases and to obtain maximum instrument performance.

The heart of the SCAN & GO solution is the LEVEL PLAVE EVO leveling system, LPE16, consisting of an electronic-mechanical system that enables the user to level the instrument remotely.

Advantages of  SCAN&GO patented system

The system of topographic survey “scan and go” allows to obtain many advantages, both in economic terms and as regards the simplicity of use:

  • Can be installed on any vehicle
  • Can be used with any model of laser scanner
  • Extreme ease of installation
  • Surveys time extremely low
  • Measurements can be performed by a single operator
  • Non-invasive survey
  • Restitution of the reality and an excellent accuracy in the positioning of surveyed points
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