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CHC Apache 3 PRO USV


The APACHE 3 Pro is a compact, professional unmanned surface vehicle (USV) designed for autonomous bathymetric surveys in shallow waters. Its double-layer carbon fiber hull provides exceptional impact resistance and unsinkability. The IP67 rating guarantees dust and water tightness, protecting on-board components under all circumstances. The semi-recessed motor reduces water resistance, improves endurance, and allows speeds up to 6 m/s.

The Apache3 Pro GNSS RTK + Inertial navigation system ensures highly accurate measurements even when the GNSS signal is temporarily interrupted, such as when navigating under a bridge. The built-in CHCNAV D270 echosounder provides the most reliable and accurate depth measurements at all times.

In addition to the standard package that includes the USV, single-beam echosounder and RTK GNSS/INS sensors, the Apache 3 Pro USV can be equipped with water analysis probes to measure water quality parameters such as pH, temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and more. This data can be used by environmental scientists and hydrographers.

Milimeter-wave automatic obsticle avoidance
The APACHE 3 Pro comes standard with a millimeter-wave obstacle avoidance system to detect obstructions in a wide 110° angle ahead. When it encounters an obstacle, the USV autonomously charts a detour course around it, effectively minimizing the potential risk of collision damage during operation.

Real-time data for greater security and productivity
A combination of SIM, and network bridge with automatic switching capabilities ensures reliable communications. In addition, cloud-based remote monitoring is seamlessly integrated to provide real-time information on the status of the Apache 3 Pro, enhancing its control and security. The use of 4G and 2.4G networks eliminates distance limitations and enables efficient data exchange in a variety of operating environments.

Enabling surveys in diverse water conditions
The semi-recessed motor and innovative internal rotor motor design provide the APACHE 3 Pro with a shallower draft, enhancing the USV’s ability to navigate different water depths. The motor design provides extra protection, reducing the risk of damage and ultimately extending the motor’s service life.

Maintain high accuracy under bridge
APACHE 3 Pro ensures consistent accuracy even when navigating under bridges. If the GNSS signal is lost, the USV maintains its course by automatically navigating under bridges and continuously providing high-precision position data. Accurate position and attitude data also compensate for the effects of hull sway on survey results. Tight integration of GNSS and INS sensors eliminates data outliers and ensures the reliability of the information collected.

Lightweight design
The APACHE 3 Pro is constructed from macromolecular polyester carbon fiber and Kevlar glass fiber, resulting in a remarkably light weight of only 10 kg (excluding sensors). This design allows a single operator to effortlessly manage a variety of remote deployment scenarios, ensuring versatility and ease of use in a wide range of operating conditions.

Single-beam echosounder for bathymetric survey
APACHE 3 Pro comes standard with a D270 single-beam echo sounder. It is portable and integrates a built-in water temperature sensor to enable real-time sound velocity correction in response to temperature changes, resulting in superior depth measurement accuracy.