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Leica iCON Site

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Leica iCON site has you covered no matter where in the heavy construction process you work. The smart digital workflows provide increased performance and accuracy in all site tasks. Whether your focus is on stakeout of points, lines and surfaces or cut and fill and volume calculations, iCON site provides what is needed to improve quality, reduce errors and improve the entire heavy construction workflow. With our special applications such as drill patterns for rock blasting and differential milling, we ensure an ideal iCON solution for every task on the construction site.

Workflow and applications

  • Easy-to-use interface
    designed for construction professionals
  • Seamless integration
    into all iCONstruct sensors and controllers
  • Exceptional application functionality
    tailored for road construction positioning needs
  • Seamless data integration
    into the iCONtrol machine control portfolio and workflows
  • Complete customisable solution
    to increase productivity by focusing on site relevant tasks

Cloud Connectivity
The distance between office and site is getting shorter, thanks to the cloud connectivity capabilities of iCON site, through Leica ConX, which allows quick and safe data exchange. Share your data, as-built reports, and design updates easily between different locations but also with site personnel and machine operators on the same construction site. Stay up-to-date and eliminate errors by always having the latest overview of the work progress.

Find out about the latest software updates in Leica iCON

Every layer underneath the asphalt has an important role in the quality and durability of this road. Make no compromises with the roading application on the iCON site field software, which provides a precise road construction workflow with millimetre accuracy, utilising detailed road design models. Even when there are last-minute design model changes, quickly adapt with the hold cross-slope or create cross-sections functionality. To make sure everyone on site is working with the latest design, easily share it among different machine control systems and stakeout specialists with the cloud connectivity of Leica ConX.

Stakeout of points, lines, parallels, arcs or slopes are daily tasks on a construction site that require precision and flexibility. Being able to read different file formats, iCON site field software provides the versatility you need, but the benefits do not stop here. Integrated tolerance checks increase accuracy and reduce human errors while the reference lines contribute to a better orientation on-site, leading to higher productivity by completing these tasks faster.

Foreman Solution
The iCON site Foreman solution gives you instant real-time access to project statistics in the field, allowing you to make better-informed decisions quicker than ever. Instantly increase site productivity by checking the efficiency of your machines and site personnel with an easy-to-use in-cab display and make checks on whether your project is on time and on specification. Installing the system on a vehicle enables fast surface checks, especially over large areas.

iCON site excavator
The Leica iCON site excavator is a simple, easy-to-use machine-control solution for optimising the earthmoving jobs of compact excavators. This solution integrates easily to the existing iCON site applications, so you can benefit from new workflows that combine measuring, stakeout, excavating, and reporting in one easy package – with a quick ROI. The Leica iCON site excavator solution supports the swing boom, tilt rotator and tilt bucket functionalities of compact excavators.

Entry-level machine guidance
The iCON site software, together with an iCON smart construction antenna, can be used as an entry-level machine guidance solution on graders, dozers, scrapers, and milling machines for fast and accurate earthmoving and road renovation works. Import or create your design on-site, and let the software on the CC80 tablet on the machine guide you towards more efficient results. Easy switch between machines and from machines to traditional measuring tasks with the pole, reaching a quick return on investment and high equipment utilization.

iCON site entry
iCON site entry is a lower-cost start into the iCON solutions for TPS and GNSS users. iCON site entry license is a limited version of the comprehensive iCON site software, focusing on the most common digital workflows and functionality for stakeout, cut/fill and measuring tasks. This option enables customers to invest in what they need, with the possibility to easily upgrade later on with other applications that they require.