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BLK2GO Back Pack


The BLK2GO Backpack is designed to be used with BLK2GO laser scanner comfortably on the operator’s shoulders, thus leaving the hands free.

The support is made of aluminum tubes, the inclination can be adjusted by the operator allowing to keep the scanner at different heights,  the BLK2GO Adapter is equipped with 5/8 converter
Standard Leica pin with locking knob allows 360 ° rotation to orient the scanner in any direction.

The base with standard Leica pin for initializing of the scanner is included, without the need to disassemble the BLK2GO Adapter from the instrument, this way the operator can start scanning immediately after initialization. Thanks to the quick release pin the scanner can be easily used by hand in all situations where the Backpack would be bulky or not suitable

The Backpack for scanner is composed of:

  1. BLK2GO Adapter
  2. Standard Leica pin 5/8 ”
  3. Base for initialization
  4. Adjustable support
  5. Transport nylon bag