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SCAN&GO Level Plane

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SCAN&GO  Level Plane is static multi-axis leveling platform with radio and cable control for 3D Laser Scanner or Robotic Total Stations.

With a growing demand for large volumes of 3D data acquisition, SCAN&GO Level Plane platform technology delivers extraordinary performance for topographic applications.

The technological solutions available on the field are two: Terrestrial Laser Scanner and Mobile System. The first solution ensures accuracy and precision but low productivity compared with the mobile system. The second solution guarantees high speed of data acquisition but with less level accuracy and repeatability.

The SCAN&GO system is designed to combine with terrestrial laser scanners. It aims to preserve accuracy and precision of data, optimise logistics during survey phases and to obtain maximum instrument performance.

The heart of the SCAN & GO solution is its leveling system, consisting of an electronic-mechanical combination that enables the user to level the instrument remotely.

Advantages of  SCAN&GO Level Plane:

  • Can be installed on any vehicle
  • Can be used with any model of laser scanner
  • Extreme ease of installation
  • Surveys time extremely low
  • Measurements can be performed by a single operator
  • Non-invasive survey
  • Restitution of the reality and an excellent accuracy in the positioning of surveyed points


It is an automatic (non-dynamic) leveling system that guarantees the correct verticality of the equipment with an accuracy of +/- 30 “(or +/- 3” with manual control) in any vehicle inclination condition.

The supporting structure is in anodized aluminum, externally there is a PVC cover to protect the mechanical and electrical equipment – IP65 from the weather and dust. 
The upper surface is made of stainless steel, specially designed for fixing topographic bases with a standard 5/8 ”connection. 
The leveler is powered by a cable connected to the “cigarette lighter” socket -12 V – 5 A. of the vehicle. (If you want to use an autonomous power source, a 12 V battery is available as an accessory.

The leveler is equipped with a RADIO controller with backlit display and keyboard, made of shockproof material and resistant to dust and humidity – IP65. 
The Radio Controller has a range of 50 meters; it can also be connected to the leveler by a cable with safety connectors. 
The Radio module complies with CE, FCC, IC and TELEC regulations. 
The Level-Plane 16 R is designed for mounting on the vehicle roof bars.

The level-Plane is shipped inside a soft bag, designed to safeguard its integrity, inside another bag are the accessories.

  • Temperature limit for using the equipment – 15 ° C + 40 ° C
  • Temperature limit for equipment storage – 30 ° C + 50 ° C