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Xwatch XW3 Series Slew Limiter


Angle & lateral slew limits

The XW3 is a dedicated slew control system designed to restrict the machine to working within set left and right slew parameters.

The XW3 can be configured to work on a variety of articulated hydraulic plant. Slew limitation is controlled using proportional soft-stop hydraulic valves providing accurate and repeatable performance without detriment to the machine.

Angular slew is referenced from the centre point of the machine to give a “V” shaped basic left and right control in front of the operator allowing operation for working within the set limits.

Lateral slew is referenced around both sides of the machine creating a virtual wall to either side of the machine to allow more flexibility for working within the Lateral side limits.

Suitable for

  • Excavators
  • Special purpose machines

Slew Control

Controlling the slew of any machine used in construction is an important part of the safety and productivity equation. This is a part of the site safety puzzle that is often overlooked by contractors and their operators but can be simply addressed with the right equipment.