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Leica iCON Grade 2D IGG2


Leica PowerGrade will revolutionize your construction process. It not only boosts your productivity and performance, it also offers unmatched flexibility and upgradeability.
Leica PowerGrade can dramatically increase machine utilisation, productivity and optimise material usage on any earth-moving and fine-grading contract. It can be used with a wide range of sensors and combines ease-of-use, unrivaled flexibility with very powerful and intuitive user interface.

The key to the Leica PowerGrade system lies in our unique PowerSnap concept – a single docking station allowing easy and quick exchange of panels. Simply swap the 2D with the 3D panel or even transfer the panels between machines. Just snap the control panel into place and get to work. For Benefits click on the features tab.


Download the Leica Power Grade User Manual

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“We get excellent service from Global Survey. Tight tolerances on roading jobs meant we needed a Leica PowerGrade 3D system for our graders. We can get within 5mm of the design and we save a lot of downtime without having to do any stringing and by putting in fewer pegs.”

Doug Morgan, Contracts Manager, HEB

Increased productivity

Maximises your machine utilisation and return-on-investment from day one, by getting right to grade the first time. Save time, setup and go in minutes. PowerGrade system remembers all your settings.

Increased flexibility

Unique Snap-on & Snap-off capability. Easy removal of key components for overnight security. One docking station for all panels. Fully scaleable from basic 2D entry system to full 3D capability in the same control panel. Laser, slope, sonic, GPS and
total station control options. Simple upgrade step to 3D – buy a 3D-ready panel and
upgrade later or rent the GPS/Tracker and 3D software.

Reduced costs

Faster job cycles reduce operating costs. Reduce labor costs by reducing or eliminating grade checks.

Unrivaled Flexibility

Why be forced into buying a complete dozer or grader system for each machine in your fleet? Leica’s unique Snap-on and Snap-off capability allows you to change from one configuration to another as the job demands. For example: Running in 3D GPS mode today and 2D laser mode tomorrow? – Just switch the operating modes. Using the grader one day and your dozer the next? – Just transfer the control panel to the other

The Leica PowerGrade system is easily upgraded and fully scaleable from basic 2D to full 3D capability in the same control panel. For 3D solutions, there is a simple upgrade step: If you are not sure you want to make the whole investment today – just buy a 3D-ready panel and upgrade later. If you only need 3D for a short period you can rent GPS or Tracker sensors as well as the 3D software.

Automatic control of slope and elevation

The Leica PowerGrade system provides automatic control of both slope and elevation. Adding an extra mast and laser sensor even allows work independently of the slope direction. The system is ideal for contractors who want to further increase their machine productivity working with an easy-to-use, high accuracy grade control.

More advantages of Leica PowerGrade:

  • Contact-free, sealed control/display panel – no more connectors or cables.
  • Fully graphic display guiding the operator.
  • Easy installation typically within one day minimizing machine downtime.
  • Automatic side-shift control for motorgrader moldboards with our unique Tri-Sonic technology. Works right off curbs, stringlines or 3D design models!
  • Automatic power down when the control panel is removed.
  • Machine specific settings are permanently stored in the docking station.
  • Fully Waterproof system – designed for the harshest construction

Download the Leica PowerGrade 2D Brochure

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