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Leica Rugby 610 Laser Level Package

Leica Rugby 610 Laser Package

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Fit, fast, tough – select the perfect team player for your site

Leica Rugby lasers are the toughest rotating lasers suitable for all construction applications. Level and align much quicker than ever before, eliminating costly errors and downtime.

Leica Rugby 610 rotating laser – one button simplicity 

  • simple and reliable, one button where no mistakes are possible
  • superb performance with all Leica Rod Eye receivers – extend your working range using the Rod Eye 140 Classic and the Rod Eye 160 Digital

Package includes:

  • Rugby 610 Laser Level & Case
  • Rod Eye Basic
  • Bracket
  • 150 Alkaline Pack
  • GST103 Aluminium Tripod
  • CLR104 aluminium Levelling Staff

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Technical Data

Leica Rugby 610 Leica Rugby 620 Leica Rugby 640


212 × 239 × 192mm


2.38kg 2.56kg 2.56kg


one button
horizontal & manual
slope in
one axis
horizontal, vertical,
90° and manual
slope in
dual axis

Product Type

General construction General construction Multipurpose / H.V.

Laser Class

Class 2

Laser Type

635nm (visible)

Plumb Up


Measured at 20°C
(horizontal / vertical)

at 30m
at 30m
at 30m

Grade Range

8% 8%

Rotation RPS

10 10 0, 2, 5, 10

Scanning Degrees

10, 45, 90

Scan 90


Beam down


Sleep mode


Range Diameter–Basic

500m 600m 500m

Range Diameter–RE140/160


RF Remote Control Diameter


Li-Ion Batt. Hours Operation

40+ 40+ 40+

Alkaline Batt./Hours Operation

60+ 60+ 60+

Working Temperature Range

-10 to +50°C
-20 to +50°C
-20 to +50°C

Storage Temperature Range

-20 to +70°C
-40 to +70°C
-40 to +70°C

Seal (excluding &
including battery pack)

IP67 IP67 IP67


3 years no cost (see PROTECT by Leica Geosystems policy for life time coverage)


“The four Leica Rugby Packages I recently purchased at the Field Days this year have been great for our business. We only use Leica laser equipment as it is proven in our environment.The Rugby’s are such a great unit for our type of site works and drainage. They are very simple to set up & use, the crews want accurate simple gear to use and Leica offers this.”

Simon Mulligan, Director, Taranaki Civil

Leica Rugby 620 rotating laser – Simple and reliable – no mistakes possible

Concrete forming, pad placement and framework levelling; setting foundations and footings has never been more efficient
Slope matching up to 8% in single axis