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Leica Rugby 420 Dual Grade

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The Rugby 420 Dual Grade Laser is automatic and self leveling for jobs of any size, large or small. It can be used for any application involving precise grade.

This package includes:

-Rugby 420 DG laser and carry case

-RE 160 Digital Receiver

-A280 Bracket

-NIHM Battery Pack


-GST05 Tripod

-CLR104 Staff

**Upgrade to higher grade battery packs and receivers at an extra cost**

“The four Leica Rugby280DG Packages I recently purchased at the Field Days this year have been great for our business. We only use Leica laser equipment as it is proven in our environment.. The 280’s are such a great unit for our type of site works and drainage. They are very simple to set up & use, the crews want accurate simple gear to use and Leica offers this.”

Simon Mulligan, Director, Taranaki Civil


  • Building pads, parking lots and runways
  • Precise depth control for sub base and fine grade excavation
  • Agricultural applications such as land leveling or tiling
  • Concrete forming and framework
  • Retention ponds and batters
  • Setting foundations and footings
  • Absolute compatibility with the widest range of machine control solutio


Rugby Series Features by Model

Leica Rugby 320 SG

Leica Rugby 410 DG

Leica Rugby 420 DG

Simple to use 5-Button Key-Pad
Real-Time Grade Matching
Superior Dual Battery Concept
Scope Mount in Both Axes
Laser Beam Visible (Red)
Laser Beam Invisible (IR)
Grade Capability X (or Y)-Axis -5 to +25 %
Grade Capability in Both Axes -5 to +15 %
Long Range Remote Control
Axis Alignment
Laser Plane Stabilization
Enhanced Operating Range

Download the Rugby 420 Dual Grade Laser Brochure

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