“The Nova MS50 is awesome, absolutely no complaints. The imaging and reflectorless abilities are second to none. Nova is truly better than 1″ and 1mm, consistently giving very accurate results.

I can’t fault the Nova instrument in terms of its accuracy, imaging capabilities and speed. Now that Leica has fixed a couple of issues I can happily say it is the best instrument I’ve ever used. When working with tape target control established over the site i’m constantly getting resection residuals of less than 0.5mm to all control, across 25 to 40 deg days with between 30 and 90 % humidity.

It has also been utilised to highlight errors within Trimble instruments and prisms out here. Several projects have also obtained better control results simply by swapping their Trimble targets for Leica. The precision S8 instruments seem good however, I guess they are functioning to the capability they are made for but with a Leica you have confidence in accuracy, precision and consistency.”

Warren Gunn, Project Surveyor on the Thiess, QCLNG Project in Surat Basin upstream project