“The benefit of the multi-station is that scans don’t require post survey aligning & combining. It’s also cheaper and doesn’t create as many points, thus don’t need as powerful computer/programmes to process data. You have the ability to calculate Volumes very easily and accurately on board.

Moving forward I’ll be looking at using the MS50 for all roading Preliminary Topos for design purposes as you can survey roads whilst requiring minimal traffic management.
We have dozer, excavator, and grader machine control solutions. We also have some ICON chain trench machine control solutions for laying more than 150 kilometres of pipeline. The benefits of this technology remove the need for people in the pipe, so we are outdoing ourselves on health and safety requirements. Another great benefit is we meet quality assurance as we can prove the pipe was laid as per the design specs.

Key benefits of the ICON machine control gear is less survey time and less machine time to complete the job. As the shaping and checking can be done in one run and the final cut is the first cut.

Global Survey gives excellent support that means reduced downtime”

Rowan Tailby , Surveyor/Cadet, Downers